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  1. I pray to god this is true 🙂
  2. I just don't get why they didn't give any notice that they was stopping ONLY after 11 months. You know, it only takes one tweet. I am so annoyed this has happened, especially after finally getting gold rank the other day. Gamers need to react with their wallets, and show this just isn't ok. Gutted!
  3. This is a joke right? I have completed all achievements on just about every F1 game since 2010, so this is disappointing. I only started 2019 back on 9th June, and wasn't aware they wasn't going to continue the weekly race event. I don't understand why they cant have the weekly race event set to permanent So they have stopped doing the event before the games one year anniversary, that's shocking. I've been booting the game up everyday for the last month hoping to do this event, looks like 2019 has broken my streak. Stupid idea to have a achievement that they was aware would to discontinued wit
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