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  1. Álvaro1606

    Audio accessibility and quality of life feedback

    @issueskid I would like to thank everyone on the audio team for the great work they've done this year, adding a unique experience to the game with the broadcast mix. About it, I would like to ponder that the sound of the Mercedes differs a little from the TV broadcasts, mainly in the gearshifts and the sound of the Honda engine does not have the gagging in the reduced and I would very much like those to be in the game. In addition, I wanted to give a suggestion about something that has already occurred in F1 games but that I haven't seen in the codemasters franchise, which is the dynamic narration during races, informing about the drivers' positions, fastest laps, mechanical failures etc. Certainly it would be something that would add too much to the game, especially for F1 fans like me who don't care much about simulation and even play because they like F1 and would like an experience close to what I see on TV, I put this topic as a suggestion for upcoming games in the franchise.
  2. I had the same problem in xbox one patch version 1.03, i switched from honda to renault in the second season and the sound didn't change, it stayed the same.