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  1. Today was the first time I tried again since posting above and this time I had no problems.
  2. Looks like you beat me by a couple of minutes - I just posted about the same issue! I get the error for Global Challenge and Rivals, but Online seems to be unaffected for me.
  3. edit: This regards GRID 2 on the PS3 (thought I was posting in a game-specific section, sorry). Hi, when I try to access Global Challenge, I encounter an error that says 'CONNECTION FAILED', followed by 'The RaceNet service is not available. Please try again later.' -- same thing happens when I try to access Rivals, however I am still able to join lobbies from the Online menu. I just need to sign into the Global Challenge to claim my winnings for this week and I'll pretty much be at rank 10, or thereabouts!
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