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  1. Is there a way prehaps we could turn off gearbox damage / wear not ideal but atleast we could then play the game..
  2. To add, I've deleted save game files and the game, reinstalled with latest patch too and still exp. Issues sadly couldn't get past lap 3 on f2 race 25% Sakir. Auto gearbox. Ps4. Controller. 😩😩
  3. Be great to have an idea of when this will be solved, can't really play the game yet without this fix which is gutting. Has anyone tried deleting save games, whole game and downloading and going again as for the first time? Debating giving this a go.. Not sure I'll loose things I've purchased on pod pass.. So having issues in My Team pre and post recent patch aswell as solo career in F2 races. Recent I cannot get past first race without gbox failure (Ps4 auto gearbox 25% dist using controller not wheel assist wise traction full, abs on, that's it) having played 2018 game had no issue
  4. @BarryBL Hi Barry, see page 4 of thread. Lots still having the issue following the patch sadly. Thanks
  5. Yep just to confirm same issue here still on ps4, auto gearbox, my team and other career modes including f2, 25% race distance, gearbox doesn't last a whole race sadly. Gutting.
  6. Same issue here, purchased the game and played for first time today 16/07, gearbox on auto and 100% damage on first race weekend didn't complete the Aus GP sadly.. Renault engine.
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