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  1. @Cyne35 Thanks, but I already am in a relationship! 😉 Glad to hear it worked, and you're welcome! @steviejay69 First of all, I agree with you. You can mark this as "solved" or "by design," because I don't think it's a bug. It's just something you need to work your way around. Once you're aware of these issues, they no longer are issues. Now, I couldn't help noticing your apparent problems with several practice programs. I hardly ever have problems with those, so in case you're interested, I might give you a few pointers: 1. Track Acclimatisation: Make this the first thing you do
  2. @steviejay69 Thanks for your kind words! I think it's a good thing this gets looked at, as it has been annoying me for some time, not enough to file a bug report, but anyway. @Cyne35 I'm sorry it didn't work. It worked for me, so I was kinda hoping it would do the same for you. Let's hope this thing gets settled - would be really nice, too. As for the moment, I have indeed postponed any DRS/Drag Reduction upgrades until I came across a track that I knew would give me the objective. It works on most tracks, it just didn't work at Hanoi and Zaandvort. And unfortunately, I seem to recall it
  3. @Cyne35 Don't let yourself be fooled by the massive top speed you reach on the straight - that's quite irrelevant when it comes to the objective. All that matters that you are very fast, and with open DRS, at a specific point, which in the case of Zaandvort and Hanoi, among others, is not where the top speed is checked - it comes a few meters after that. And that, I think, is the crux of the matter. The problem is that at Zaandvort and Hanoi, the point where your speed is checked and compared with what you need to achieve this objective is very close to the corner, so close in fact that y
  4. Maybe I can add a new element to this ... 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Whenever I start a race, I like to tinker with strategy - I rarely just accept what the race engineers tell me prior to the race. Since I'm pretty hard on the tyres in general, I usually add one pit stop, just to play it safe, and then try and make up lost time on the track. This often leads to this rather interesting twist: At one rather early point during the race, before I have my first pit stop, Jeff suggests a new strategy, accounting for the fact th
  5. Well, first of all, you picked the wrong topic for your problem, because the stuff I mentioned in here has nothing to do with what you experienced. But as far as that one is concerned, I can confirm your observations, but I don't think the guys and girls at Codemasters can do anything about it. Nor will they want to, because the way I see it, it's by design. Allow me to explain: Unless I am very much mistaken, the primary focus of the Fuel assist is to make sure you make it to the finish line with less than one laps' worth of fuel to spare. To achieve that, it automatically adjusts t
  6. @Luciano64 Uhm, I might actually be able to tell you what's happening here: Are you, by any chance, using the "Casual" race mode? If so, you should deactivate the "Reset Car to Track" option. This basically prevents the car from leaving the track - and you from entering the pit lane. Give it a try and please tell me if it worked!
  7. @NeilUK02 Well, as you've probably read while following this thread, the topic I've been complaining about at the onset has been successfully dealt with in one of the last patches, so this thread is pretty much closed. I, for one, the one who created it, haven't even looked at it for five months. With that being said, I still would like to help you, but your statement is, how shall I put it, a little shallow on the details. It would, for example, be very interesting to know which version of the game you are playing with. Right now, I have to assume it's an older one, because ever since th
  8. @mlevy50 I'm pretty sure you selected the "Casual" race style when starting your career mode. The name "race style" is somewhat misleading, as it pre-selects your options for you. The "Casual" setting limits your options - you get automatic fuel, automatic pits, automatic everything. (In case you don't know what I'm talking about, there are four screenshots attached to this which show the difference. The first two show the "Casual" setting and what this allows you to do, the other two depict the "Standard" setting and show all the options available to you now. It should be pretty self-explanat
  9. @undead9nja I really don't understand why you're still arguing. Have you even read my post? What you are claiming is just not possible! Probability just doesn't work the way you wish it would. You cannot make mistakes a certainty! Even if you give an AI driver a 99.9% chance of screwing up, that is no guarantee he will. 100%, that's certainty. 99.9% is not. As long as you leave the game a loophole to escape the predicament you are trying to create, no matter how small the loophole actually is, chances are the game will exploit this loophole. The only way to make mistakes/crashes/failures
  10. Sorry to contradict you there, but the probability theory tells a different story. Let's say you have a six-sided dice. Now, in theory, the chance for getting a six at each throw is one out of six. So after six hundred throws, you should end up with one hundred times six. The problem is, that's not how probability works. The dice has no memory, so it doesn't remember how often which number came up. The next throw, the chance is, again, one out of six. And if you're unlucky, you end up with yet another measly one. The same goes for the next throw. So it's perfectly possible, although admittedly
  11. @undead9nja It might come as a surprise to you, but I actually agree on everything you say! I'd love to see more aggressiveness, more errors, more diverse driver behaviour. All those things you mention, I think they'd improve the game by quite a big margin. If overtaking a car feels just the same as overtaking the next one, things tend to get old really fast. But if there is one guy among all those drivers whose car seems to become wider, the more you are closing in on him, and if you then manage to overtake this guy despite his best attempts at thwarting you, you get a real sense of "I have a
  12. @Scargo Do you have a video showing this?
  13. @FRagZilla786 I actually got it solved in the meantime! It seems like the Codies have a very limited viewpoint as far as email addresses are concerned. It seems that "t-online.de" isn't okay, just as "ostendorf.jens" doesn't seem to be okay. Once I picked a new email address (or rather a really old one I haven't used in years) without hyphens or dots at places where the game doesn't expect them, and used this as my login address, it worked without issues. So, yes, I got access to Racenet and the Racenet livery - which actually was all I was interested in. Maybe you have the same prob
  14. Before you get me wrong, let me say right at the beginning that I'm not writing this to annoy you, to the contrary! Do you want the guys and girls at Codemasters to read this message? If so, if you really want to discuss all your findings with them (and just so you know, I agree with most of what you wrote), I strongly suggest you take this over to another forum. This here is for technical assistance/bug reports only, and none of what you describe here can be called a bug - it's just the game's mechanics, nothing more, nothing less. And since you crammed it all into one post and didn't us
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