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  1. Maybe I can add a new element to this ... 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Whenever I start a race, I like to tinker with strategy - I rarely just accept what the race engineers tell me prior to the race. Since I'm pretty hard on the tyres in general, I usually add one pit stop, just to play it safe, and then try and make up lost time on the track. This often leads to this rather interesting twist: At one rather early point during the race, before I have my first pit stop, Jeff suggests a new strategy, accounting for the fact that I didn't follow his suggestions. When I press the respond button now, I do indeed get a new option, which is basically a "revert to the original strategy" one, on top of the "keep the custom strategy" option, i.e. the one selected by me before the race. I usually pick the "Keep current" option and continue racing - just as I intended to before the race. But I have, several times actually, taken the opportunity to revert back to Jeff's suggestion by picking the "New Strategy" option. And if I do, everything works as it should - if I keep my own strategy, I just continue racing, if I take the other option, my pit windows get changed accordingly, just as it's supposed to be. In short, everything works perfectly. Now, let's assume I didn't change the strategy, keeping my original choices, which still differ from Jeff's ideas. At one point, I do my first pit stop, obviously. And now things get weird: After that first pit stop, but before the inevitable second one, I often receive another "There's a new strategy available on the MFD" message. If I press the respond button now, I get the aforementioned "Keep Strategy/Full Race Update" option. And now, nothing works anymore. Regardless of what I do, the game no longer allows me to do anything about my strategy. So I do know that the system works per se, just not all the time. And I have no idea why this is the case. 2. Platform Steam (Windows 7, DirectX 11) 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.17 4. Game-mode? Every game mode where you drive races long enough to be able to change strategy. 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. I haven't kept count, but since I tend to do this in every race, I guess I've seen this happen at least a few dozen times. 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue I don't know if there's anything I can do. It never really affected my game experience, so I never considered it that much of a problem that I desperately wanted to change anything. (Like I said, I tend to ignore Jeff's opinions anyway.) 7. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Upgraded to a Logitech G923 Racing Wheel recently, although I don't think it has any impact on the issue. My computer contains an Intel i5-6400 running at 2.70 GHz, 8 GB RAM, my graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti . My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. None. The issue is so well documented, you should have enough screenshots to work with.
  2. ostendorfjens

    Fuel Bug with Fuel Assist Activated

    Well, first of all, you picked the wrong topic for your problem, because the stuff I mentioned in here has nothing to do with what you experienced. But as far as that one is concerned, I can confirm your observations, but I don't think the guys and girls at Codemasters can do anything about it. Nor will they want to, because the way I see it, it's by design. Allow me to explain: Unless I am very much mistaken, the primary focus of the Fuel assist is to make sure you make it to the finish line with less than one laps' worth of fuel to spare. To achieve that, it automatically adjusts the mixture according to your needs. It really is very straightforward - you're in the red, the game switches to "Lean," you have fuel to spare, it gives you the "Rich" mix. However, and that's the crux of the matter, it always takes your current race situation into account. You need to overtake someone, it automatically switches to "Rich," even if your car is currently considered under-fueled. And if your opponents start to catch up on you, it will also turn on the richer mixtures, regardless of your current fuel situation. Now, the Fuel assist will make sure that everything will sort itself out at one point, but at some point during a hard fought race, you might look at being two laps above your fuel target - happened to me several times. And here's why that's a problem: At the beginning of the race, gaps are small. More likely than not, you are in a rather intense battle for position, with cars following close behind, or you following close behind them. The game now assumes that you want to stay (or get) ahead, so it gives you the "Rich" fuel mix to enhance your chances. This, however, will lead to your car being very under-fueled in no time flat. It might seem like if things are going to go on like that, you'll never see the finish line. Trust me, you will: The Fuel Assist works fine. Just ignore that pesky red sign. Even if the game claims at one point that you are short by more than two laps, you will always make it to the end of the race. If, at one point, your car is under-fueled so massively that you'll never see the chequered flag, the game will finally admit defeat and select the "Lean" mode, even if your opponents are hot on your tail. I've given this numerous tries, and I've yet to run into a situation where it did not work. That said, those people you mentioned got it right: Managing your fuel yourself is a lot better than letting the computer take care of it. In Monaco, for example, it's perfectly useless to ever use the "Rich" fuel mix, because overtaking there just isn't easy enough for your opponents, even if they're significantly faster than you are - just look at how Ayrton Senna was able to keep Nigel Mansell at bay in 1992. Mansell's Williams was more than two seconds faster than Senna's McLaren - it took him two laps to reduce the gap from more than five seconds to just one second -, still Senna managed to stay in the lead until the end. You can know this, you probably do know this. The game doesn't. It never takes into account whether your opponents have any chance to overtake you. It just always acts as if you're under threat of being overtaken, so it gives you the "Rich" fuel mix, even when it's perfectly obvious that at no point will your opponents be able to overtake you. You can change that by dealing with fuel management yourself - it's always the better option. The Fuel Assist's only purpose is to give those a helping hand who aren't good at anticipating all those details, who aren't that good as a driver. (The latter is why I use it on a regular basis - I'm just not that much of a racing driver.) In case you're a competitive driver, you'll always fare better managing your fuel mix yourself. I hope that helps, and if it doesn't, feel free to give me a shout!
  3. ostendorfjens

    F1 2020

    @Luciano64 Uhm, I might actually be able to tell you what's happening here: Are you, by any chance, using the "Casual" race mode? If so, you should deactivate the "Reset Car to Track" option. This basically prevents the car from leaving the track - and you from entering the pit lane. Give it a try and please tell me if it worked!
  4. ostendorfjens

    Fuel Bug with Fuel Assist Activated

    @NeilUK02 Well, as you've probably read while following this thread, the topic I've been complaining about at the onset has been successfully dealt with in one of the last patches, so this thread is pretty much closed. I, for one, the one who created it, haven't even looked at it for five months. With that being said, I still would like to help you, but your statement is, how shall I put it, a little shallow on the details. It would, for example, be very interesting to know which version of the game you are playing with. Right now, I have to assume it's an older one, because ever since the aforementioned patch, everything works as it should. I use the fuel assist on a regular basis and never ran into any fuel problems again. So, why don't you give me a few more details to work with? Version of the game, whether you run the DirectX 11 or 12 version, particular circumstances regarding your problem, can you make it happen again, things like that. Take a look at the template for bug reports - I used it in my original post -, it should give you an idea of what is needed to help you properly.
  5. ostendorfjens

    Assists gone

    @mlevy50 I'm pretty sure you selected the "Casual" race style when starting your career mode. The name "race style" is somewhat misleading, as it pre-selects your options for you. The "Casual" setting limits your options - you get automatic fuel, automatic pits, automatic everything. (In case you don't know what I'm talking about, there are four screenshots attached to this which show the difference. The first two show the "Casual" setting and what this allows you to do, the other two depict the "Standard" setting and show all the options available to you now. It should be pretty self-explanatory.) If you want to select your own options, just change from "Casual" to "Standard" (with an XBox-Controller, just press the "Y" button once). This should allow you to tailor your game experience as you see fit. Hope this is helpful.
  6. @undead9nja I really don't understand why you're still arguing. Have you even read my post? What you are claiming is just not possible! Probability just doesn't work the way you wish it would. You cannot make mistakes a certainty! Even if you give an AI driver a 99.9% chance of screwing up, that is no guarantee he will. 100%, that's certainty. 99.9% is not. As long as you leave the game a loophole to escape the predicament you are trying to create, no matter how small the loophole actually is, chances are the game will exploit this loophole. The only way to make mistakes/crashes/failures a certainty would be through getting rid of all random elements, all randomness. As long as you don't do that, there will always be a chance nothing will happen at all. And I'd hate to see a game without any random elements. "Oh, so Hamilton beat Bottas by 8.347 seconds. Let's try again! Oh, he did it again! By 8.347 seconds! How is that possible! Let's have another go! Gosh, he did it again! 8.347 seconds! What the f...?"
  7. Sorry to contradict you there, but the probability theory tells a different story. Let's say you have a six-sided dice. Now, in theory, the chance for getting a six at each throw is one out of six. So after six hundred throws, you should end up with one hundred times six. The problem is, that's not how probability works. The dice has no memory, so it doesn't remember how often which number came up. The next throw, the chance is, again, one out of six. And if you're unlucky, you end up with yet another measly one. The same goes for the next throw. So it's perfectly possible, although admittedly unlikely, to end up with having no sixes at all, even after having done six hundred throws. That's what I'm talking about here. All you can do, all the guys and girls at Codemasters can do is tip the odds in favour of drivers making mistakes. Neither you nor they can make them a given. That's exactly why I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that sometimes you're s**t out of luck while striking pay dirt the next time. As long as there is probability, as there is chance, as there is randomness, there will always be those who never experience what both of us are hoping for. That said, I still second you in your wish for more mistakes. But you just can't make them a certainty, not as long as random elements come into play.
  8. @undead9nja It might come as a surprise to you, but I actually agree on everything you say! I'd love to see more aggressiveness, more errors, more diverse driver behaviour. All those things you mention, I think they'd improve the game by quite a big margin. If overtaking a car feels just the same as overtaking the next one, things tend to get old really fast. But if there is one guy among all those drivers whose car seems to become wider, the more you are closing in on him, and if you then manage to overtake this guy despite his best attempts at thwarting you, you get a real sense of "I have achieved something great here." This is something that's sorely missing with all those "robot AI" drivers this game seems to feature. I'd love to see more mistakes, more variety in driving through corners, more aggressiveness when approaching a braking zone. Races would surely be far more interesting! But, and here's the crux of the matter, I'm not convinced that even with all those changes implemented, the game would change all that much when it comes to catastrophic failures, to accidents, to safety cars. Because at the end of the day, we still have the very same problem: Even if we have a certain percentage of someone screwing up in any given section of a track, we have no guarantee that he will screw up. Maybe you increase the likelihood of something interesting happening, but more likely than not, nothing will change very much. When in doubt, all F1 games by Codemasters err on the side of caution. They want the races to be decided on the track, not in the tyre barrier next to it. And since that's the case, I don't think we'll see many more crashes, even with more aggressive/more random AI behaviour. As the last real-life races have proven, the number of DNFs in each race is way higher than anything you get to see in these games, you're perfectly right about that. But I'm afraid that's exactly the way the the Codies want it to be. If that wasn't the case, we'd have seen way more crashes and safety cars in the games already - they had more than ten years to tinker with the underlying mechanics, and on the whole, the number of cars finishing a race in F1 2020 is pretty much exactly as high as it was in F1 2010. So everything you said, while I agree with it from the bottom of my heart, probably is little more than wishful thinking. Sad, but true!
  9. ostendorfjens

    Kicked out for cheating

    @Scargo Do you have a video showing this?
  10. ostendorfjens

    Unable to sign in / sign up with Racenet

    @FRagZilla786 I actually got it solved in the meantime! It seems like the Codies have a very limited viewpoint as far as email addresses are concerned. It seems that "t-online.de" isn't okay, just as "ostendorf.jens" doesn't seem to be okay. Once I picked a new email address (or rather a really old one I haven't used in years) without hyphens or dots at places where the game doesn't expect them, and used this as my login address, it worked without issues. So, yes, I got access to Racenet and the Racenet livery - which actually was all I was interested in. Maybe you have the same problem!
  11. ostendorfjens

    Bugs, glitches and more

    Before you get me wrong, let me say right at the beginning that I'm not writing this to annoy you, to the contrary! Do you want the guys and girls at Codemasters to read this message? If so, if you really want to discuss all your findings with them (and just so you know, I agree with most of what you wrote), I strongly suggest you take this over to another forum. This here is for technical assistance/bug reports only, and none of what you describe here can be called a bug - it's just the game's mechanics, nothing more, nothing less. And since you crammed it all into one post and didn't use the bug report template (to be found in one of the pinned posts at the top), nobody at Codemasters will even look at this here. As a matter of fact, this post might end up being deleted because of it. Which is something I definitely don''t want! Most of the things you find annoying annoy me, too, so I'd like the Codies to see this, in the hopes that they do something about it!
  12. ostendorfjens

    Fuel Bug with Fuel Assist Activated

    @BarryBL It certainly does maximise the abilities, and then some! Like I said, it all works fine, there are just those oddities. No that it matters - I just finished my first race with the fuel assist activated, and it worked like a charm! But if there's anything I can do to help you as far as the other topics are concerned, just let me know!
  13. ostendorfjens

    Unable to sign in / sign up with Racenet

    After the latest patch (1.08), I can finally see what the problem is - my email address is stated as being invalid. Which it isn't - it's just a perfectly normal German email address - you can see it in both screenshots in the original post. I've been using it for years and never ran into any problems. So why now? Why does F1 2020 not allow me to use it? Is it because it's German? Do I need a new email address with a different country abbreviation? Is anyone out there able to help me out?
  14. ostendorfjens

    Fuel Bug with Fuel Assist Activated

    @BarryBL First of all, thanks a lot to you and your team for getting rid of the original bug through the latest patch! The Race Strategy program finally works as it should! Thanks a ton! However, there still are a few issues you might want to take a look at at your convenience: 1. As soon as you complete any practice program, the fuel mix is set to "Rich" immediately again, which feels counter-intuitive - after all, you're just on your way back into the pits. Not that it matters much, it's just weird. 2. During the Tyre Management program, the fuel mix is still set to "Rich." Again, it doesn't matter all that much, since the automatic brakes are applied so early, with so little force and slowing down your car so massively, it's no problem at all to finish the program with a perfect score. As a matter of fact, you can do the whole program with the loud pedal nailed to the floor and still be able to get into the purple zone with ease. As you can see, none of this is important in any way, shape, or form. But if you happen to have time to spare, you might want to take a look at this. And I'm still waiting for my cookie!
  15. Uh, what exactly am I looking at here? Okay, the message that Bottas was ceding position doesn't seem logical, particularly since it only appeared for, like, three seconds, but his penalty suggests that you should really have tried to pass him. If you had and if the game had then told you to relinquish the position again because of an illegal overtake, you'd have known what's up. Since you didn't, there's no way to really determine what went wrong. To be honest, I don't even know what you're complaining about here. (But maybe I didn't get your meaning correctly - I'm still German, English's not my native tongue.)