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  1. and once again looks like you guys were right.. 90% of it looks like ****. I really don't understand this.. don't they have an art director ? how hard can it be to make things that looks like it belongs in a racing grid and are not ridiculous outlandish ******** ? it's definitely not for lack of references so i think they need to hire new designers, because modders at racing department are able to create liveries and helmets 1000x better than this
  2. 90% of the itens are ridiculous and hideous, like someone else said, it looks like it was designed for children, how hard can it be to design something that actually looks like it belongs in a F1 grid ?
  3. I have given up playing the game completely because of this, it's ridiculous. unfortunately it wasn't possible for me to get a refund from the ps store but lesson learned, never buy a full priced codemaster game ever again. I can deal with the other countless bugs everywhere but this is just game breaking.. the least they could do is put out a patch ASAP to disable the gearbox wear completely until they sort this out
  4. as everybody else, same issue continues here on the ps4... c'mon now give us a break, isn't this tested before releasing it ?....
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    I am definitely never buying a codemaster game for the full price again, the amount of bugs this game is having is honestly something i have never seem in any other, and so many of them are so obvious that i cannot image how did it get trought QA. now they released a patch saying the gearbox wear was fixed... and it isn't !!!!! low textures everywhere in ps4 and etc etc etc
  6. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes and add your platform here. No error codes. Platform: PS4 end of season 1 of a 16 race season in My Team Mode. December 1st and when I try to advance, the clock symbol rotates around endlessly, but nothing else happens. I received the notification that my 2nd driver contract is about to expire and that I need to renegotiate it but when i went to the driver market there was no option to renegociate or hire another driver. there are only the following : watch, help, sort, compare, return to overview. I cannot
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