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    Traction Control Always on??

    Im on 360 using a controller and it feels like traction control is always on even when its not. I just got f1 2014 today and love everything about it but that TC is always on. Is CM gonna fix this?

    Dirt 2 Race Night!!!!

    I was thinking since there is not alot of people online anymore we could all get on around the same time (about 5pm EST, 8pm BST, 2PM PST) and we would never have to worry about not finding a full room of drivers. So who wants to race some DIRT 2?!?!?!?!

    Eibach winners post.

    I was wondering if anybody has got their prize yet. I got my email 8 days ago but no prize i figured it will be another week until i get the prize. Is there any other winners from the Eibach challenge on here??

    Eibach email question

    I was wondering what Email will Eibach send the email too. your email with your racenet or the one you signed up with Eibach.
  5. What do you think of the Eibach Challenge. I like it i think its really cool run a fast lap and earn prizes. I hope there is more Challenges like this. @Loore is there anymore challenges coming up?

    USA.VS.UK Grid autosport race league

    I am gonna create a usa vs uk league if i can get enough people to join. what it will be is 12 races two for each discipline including the party mode. and it will be 6 USA drivers VS 6 UK drivers  if i cant get 6 of each then i can settle for 5v5 or 4v4.  i will have the full rules once i have the desired amount of drivers. WE CAN SEE WHICH COUNTRY HAS THE BEST DRIVERS.  i will make some exceptions for other countrys  around the UK if i have not found enough UK drivers.If you want to join comment below with your country or message me......
  7. Once CM fix the save corrupt and repair cost  they should have a Racenet Challenge like they did in GRID 2 sponsored by ROCKSTAR. I loved it in GRID 2 and would love for it too happen in GRID Autosport. @loore  do you think you guys can do someting like that again??

    Grid Autosport League/Club Xbox 360

    I'm asking what Discipline they would want to race in if i started a League. if anybody wants to join my Club/League let me know.

    Grid Autosport DLC WISHLIST

    With CM releasing the names of the packs i wanted to make this post. what im really waiting for is the touring car pack, sprint car pack and the drag racing pack. what i want in it i dont know. what do you want in the DLC pack coming up??
  10. xTACOLOVERxx


    WORLDWIDERACING is wanting clean but fast drivers for all five disciplines. comment or msg me for a invite. and one more thing rubbin is racing :)
  11. xTACOLOVERxx


    I'll be hosting two five race events on the july 18th and july 19th for touring cars, CAT C more thin likely. The race on the 18th will be  clean fun racing on touring car tracks. and the race on the 19th will be a little different, it will have CAT C touring cars on street tracks and well what happens happens lol.  comment or msg me if your interested. :)
  12. xTACOLOVERxx

    Grid Black Edition

    Can someone tell me what sponsors and what online livery patterns come with the Black Edition code??
  13. xTACOLOVERxx

    Grid AutoSport DemoDerby

    Will Grid AutoSport have DD Cars? And if so can i play it on split screen??
  14. xTACOLOVERxx


    Hey i just read that Eutechnyx doesn't have the NASCAR rights anymore and that Dmi a Charlotte North Carolina based team is working on a NASCAR Sim for Xbox One PS4 and PC. It will be released in 2016. here is the link to the story    http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/01/19/new-nascar-sim-headed-to-ps4-xbox-one-pc-in-2016
  15. xTACOLOVERxx

    Eibach Challenge Winners

    @mikevoltz1 have you heard anything from Eibach?
  16. xTACOLOVERxx

    Eibach Challenge Winners

    I got my Pro Spacer Kit about a week ago.. I waited a 1 month and no Email after the first Email saying i won so i Emailed them saying that i haven't received my prize and the very next day he Emailed me saying that the pro spacers were out of stock and i got the Spacers in the next 5 days. And still no luck on selling them on Ebay yet LOL :D  
  17. xTACOLOVERxx

    New Grid Autosport Crash Compilation

    All i can say is DAT DRIFT DOE lol.........Amazing job there!!  (*)
  18. xTACOLOVERxx

    Dirt 2 Race Night!!!!

    @gfRally i dont have a certain day to play yet we can race on the weekends for a time for everybody. I would love if we could get alot more people back on Dirt 2. 
  19. xTACOLOVERxx

    New Grid Autosport Crash Compilation

    @kimdurose   Okay that was probably the best post ever!! LMAO  :D
  20. xTACOLOVERxx

    Eibach winners post.

    I just got another Email today asking what bolts did i want with my Spacer. so i figure once they get all the information that they need they will send it to me. "fingers crossed"
  21. xTACOLOVERxx

    New Grid Autosport Crash Compilation

    First off the mini drift at the 1:21 mark was amazing and then the mini reverse spin at the 3:20 wow. I thought the compilation was pretty good. One of the best I've seen for GAS. I would love a full video of just drifts in car that shouldn't be drifting and cool spins like the one at the 3;20 mark
  22. xTACOLOVERxx

    Eibach winners post.

    @FOSTBITTEN Yeah it does make sense but i wonder if yours is gonna take longer do to it being from CM and not Eibach. Because now you have to wait for Eibach to send your information to CM and then wait for CM to send your prize to you.
  23. xTACOLOVERxx

    Eibach winners post.

    Yeah i just got a Email asking what size Spacers i needed. so i guess i should be getting my Pro Spacer Kit sometime this or next week
  24. xTACOLOVERxx

    Eibach winners post.

    yeah i"m CoveringSkink. I know in the intel challenge someone was 45th and they won 10th place prize do to  a lot of drivers being DQ'ed because of being in a ineligible country or state. 
  25. xTACOLOVERxx

    Eibach winners post.

    I'm also wondering if people who are in ineligible country's and states will be DQ'ed. because i'm in 3rd but 2nd is in a ineligible state. so that means i should get 2nd. RIGHT??