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    Eibach winners post.

    yeah me too. I know when i won the Rockstar challenge in Grid 2 it took i think two or three weeks after i got the Email.

    ToCA Race Driver 3, codes?

    @FOSTBITTEN yeah thanks ill probably just beat the game and unlock them lol.. finding the specific number for the codes seems a little too tricky for me.

    ToCA Race Driver 3, codes?

    Hey how do you enter the codes i was on toca 3 the other day and i couldn't enter any codes.  

    GRID Autosport // Eibach Challenge

    I got an Email yesterday saying that i won. it didn't tell me what prize i won. I got 3rd but the guy in 2nd is in a ineligible state so i should get 2nd.

    Grid Black Edition

    The 10 sponsors:(Codemasters)DIRTDIRT 2DIRT 3GRID 2GRID 2 LOGOCODEMASTERS RACINGCODEMASTERS RACENETCODEMASTERS GRID AUTOSPORT (Media)AUTOSPORT ? The 20 liverys:Probably all from GRID 1? but there are more than 20 I think... The 5 white Ravenwest liverys for these cars:MERCEDES-BENZ C63 AMG (CAT B SPECIAL)MERCEDES-BENZ SL65 AMG COUPE BLACK SERIESMERCEDES-BENZ SLS AMG COUPE BLACK SERIES MERCEDES-BENZ SLS AMG GT3DALLARA INDYCAR finally some one answers the question i was asking lol  :D  thanks for answering it.  EDIT; I just looked and the Codemasters sponsers aren't apart of the Black edition.

    USA.VS.UK Grid autosport race league

    well i day and time is not set so i could change it to a good time and day for everybody to race

    USA.VS.UK Grid autosport race league

    @SWALMSLEY sorry not responding sooner and @mikevoltz1 i am planing on running 12 races as it says above. and that will consist of a two 5 race championship in the touring car(CAT C and Super Utes),  two 5 race championship in the endurance races(not sure what cars)  two 5 race championship in the Street races(Hot Hatch and performance)  two 5 race championship in the Open Wheel  (Formula C and Formula A)  and  two 5 race championship in the Tuner.(Musle and Super Modified). and there will be two DD races. i thinking we can start on September Saturday the 13th. and we will race two five race championship races a week every saturday at 5p.m EST and that would be 10p.m BST. :)

    Touring car legends

    CM could add the RUF cars. its like the same as a Porsche

    USA.VS.UK Grid autosport race league

    Cool!!! how many UK friends do you have. i have USA friends who would be interested in racing. so all i really need is UK drivers
  10. xTACOLOVERxx

    Looking for evening U.S. leagues

    Me and some other US guys are trying to get a league up and running.
  11. xTACOLOVERxx


    i just looked it up but the year that Dale JR was on the cover he crashed and got a concussion and was out two races. I dont wanna say that nascar games are starting to be like the MADDEN curse but it is starting to look like it.
  12. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    oh okay yeah i like to sleep in on Saturdays haha. but like i said i can race any day between 6pm and 12pm
  13. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    oh did you mean to say 8pm you typed 8am in the post above. but i can race any time between 6pm and 11pm. and i'm on East coast
  14. xTACOLOVERxx

    Class C Touring Cars .......... which is the best?

    I love racing the Cruze but the BMW is fast too the both have there ups and downs so they even out. it really depends on what driving style you have
  15. xTACOLOVERxx

    Grid Autosport Racenet Challenge

    Oh i can't wait!! :smile: 
  16. xTACOLOVERxx

    multi platform club question

    I don't think so. If I'm correct only PS3 players can earn xp for PS3 club and Pc for Pc club etc.
  17. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    yeah that is a little too early for me if we can race a few hours later then that it would be great. i got your friend request and accepted it 
  18. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    okay what time are we going to race and are you EST or PST time zone? yeah i can get some of my friends to race with us
  19. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    Man that sucks Sorry to hear that :(
  20. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    in the Touring i own Class C, Super Utes, Mini Cup. but i would love to race Class C....... Open Wheel i own, Formula B but i can buy a Formula C if that is what we would race. Tuner i dont own any of those. but i can buy one. Street i own a Hot Hatch, Coupe. i dont own any Endurance cars I FAVORITE Discipline is Touring hands down. but i would be okay with the other Four Disciplines if we raced those
  21. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    x TACO LOVER xx
  22. xTACOLOVERxx

    (US) Xbox League Racing???

    i would be interested in racing
  23. xTACOLOVERxx

    Grid Autosport League/Club Xbox 360

    yeah that would be a great idea. this is my first time starting a league so i will take advice and ideas from all of you.
  24. xTACOLOVERxx

    Grid Autosport League/Club Xbox 360

    x TACO LOVER xx yeah add me any time so we can race
  25. xTACOLOVERxx

    Grid Autosport DLC WISHLIST

    One Japan track i loved in Grid 1 and Dirt 2 was shibuya it was awesome for drift and races i would love for it to be in Grid Autosport