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  1. like others here i guess it's the best way to check the local parameter files, with a checksum for expample. thats really fast, you won'r recognize. AND it's not spying on your computer, it's just the control of a checksum to verify if its the original file. modding is fine!! no question about that!! for the solo private fun - or a LAN race with a friend ... all i want is : that in online competitions mods are not allowed.
  2. as an example (cause its on all tracks) : i'm driving this weekends multiplayer silverstone. the real life official track record is by hamilton (in 2019 / 1:27,368) my time is 1:30 - okay BUT >>> >>> how can so many drive 1:15,xxx ?? thats seriously unrealistic. this occurs on all tracks, robbing all the fun in driving multiplayer modes. don't know how to stop these unrealistic laptimes, BUT : a possible solution : codemaster recognices unpossible times, orientated on the real life lap record. you might be a little bit faster (if you're one of the
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