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  1. Nas00

    My Team car appearence

    FIA says no.
  2. Nas00

    Make practice less mandatory or less the same

    Track Acclimatization could be mandatory for the first time and optional (less RP) after that. Don't need to go through that programm when I already spent dozens of hours on a given track. There are also too much RP allocated to it.
  3. Nas00

    Action packed races

    A tyre failure should be at least possibility when you keep your tyres for much longer (+3 laps) than they should. Eventual punctures when driving on debris from a car accident too.
  4. Nas00

    What camera do you use?

    I saw almost all his vids anat no point the viwe was asymmetrical.
  5. Nas00

    What camera do you use?

    He heavily customized it and it's not asymmetrical at all.
  6. Nas00

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    Training. Accelerate and brake when the wheels are straight. Pay attention to the details of the circuits, billboards, black boxes. shadows, whatever, to find your braking and turning points. Slam the brakes at 100% after a long straight and before a tight corner, and release the pressure gradually. Be gentle on the throttle, especially in the 1-3 gears (short shifting helps there). until you feel you have enough grip. After a while, everything will make sense.
  7. Nas00

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    Dump every assist but medium TC. Only use the racing line in practice if you don't know the circuit. Learn to have your own turning and braking points. Since you already use manual gears, it won't be that difficult. A couple of days, a week maybe if you play every day, should do it. Once you're there, turn off TC completely.
  8. Nas00

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    My Team Porsche TAG-HEUER at Zandvoort.
  9. Nas00

    Performance update

  10. Nas00

    TV-pod as an assist.

    Players with a triple screen are not that common, and this game is intended first for people playing on their couch with a pad. Thank god, you can deactivate the assists, but it's in no way a hardcore sim. I maintain that in the current state of the game, the cockpit view has zilch to do with ReAliSm. VR and a 3D Halo would change that though.
  11. Nas00

    Myteam 2nd driver development

    I have 0 intention of developing Mahaveer Raghunathan and won't spend a single RP on him. He's perfect as he is. Otherwise it depends on the simulator you're using, your car progress and the team's overall results. Once you hit sim level 3, they progress relatively quickly, but you'll have to wait a couple of seasons to really see the results. That's my experience.
  12. The pit assist at the exit is terrible this year, it gives you back the control of the car way too late and it there are other cars around the corners it's an almost a guaranteed accident. I deactivated it.
  13. I knew it was bad, but not that bad.
  14. Nas00

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    @PJTierney Fabulous work.