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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. "Community", my behind.
  2. Before filling a complete bug report, I'd like to ask of it is an issue or just how the game works. The game mode is My Team, 50% race, 85% AI, and I'm on PC. I've noticed that since the 1.08 patch, the fuel load I get for every race is at least for 9 more laps than the actual length of the race even if I edit the race strategy and push the fuel slider all the way to the left. I've got no possibility of under loading my car and then compensate it through fuel management in race. The fuel consumption is all over the place with the car burning fuel at an anormal rate. I can manage my fuel very well and never had any problem before the last patch. However now, I basically have to be on Lean Mode for the last 10 laps or so or I'd never finish the race. I'd add that I went through great lengths to upgrade my engine's fuel efficiency. As I said, I'll fill a proper bug report with screenshots, but want to know first if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for the replies.
  3. Nas00


    My Team McLaren Mercedes (2008)
  4. Nas00

    Double Stops

    Actually that's not correct. A double stop supposes the two cars pitting simultaneously. What you're pointing at is a successive stop, with one car waiting fir the other.
  5. Nas00

    Double Stops

    There's no place for a double stop and it's not even a thing real life.
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    Williams Renault FW 17
  7. Nas00

    Who's at fault?

    Hi fellow F1 2020 drivers, Pictures below were taken as I was fighting Bottas (AI 90%) for the 2nd place at Spa, trying to overtake him at the Bus Stop chicane. He defended extremely well on the long straight before, then took the racing line while I went for the inside. We were coming side by side at the chicane and I tried to out-brake him while staying on my line. He then cut right inside, his right front wheel colliding with my left rear one as I was turning in. Obviously I needed space to turn the car since I was in the inside line and despite my best efforts, his wheel went off and he suffered terminal damage. Question: Did I turn too wide (can't honestly see how much slower I could have been) and forced the collision or did he simply took a too sharp turn leaving me and himself no room?
  8. Nas00

    Pause function

    I was as frustrated as you at the beginning, but it will come good with practice, although I still have the odd lapse of concentration while trying to look at a specific info. Just find an MFD button mapping that suits you.
  9. Nas00

    Learning Curve

    This one was my first. A cult classic with one hell of a learning curve. Especially with a keyboard ūü§£.
  10. Nas00

    Autosave during offline races

    The F1 series has mid-session saves since F1 2013, if I remember it correctly. It has nothing to do with being a typical F1 games player, whatever that means, and more with getting used to save progress. That's coming from someone playing F1 games since GP3 back in 2000.
  11. Nas00

    Autosave during offline races

    That was my point. Once in a while mid-race. I always do this, generally one lap before pitting (25%) or every 5 laps or so (50%).
  12. Nas00

    Autosave during offline races

    Or just manually save, once in while.
  13. Nas00

    No german circuits anymore?

    Love Monaco and Singapore to an extent, even if i suck at both of them. Hanoi is simply a horrible patchwork of iconic circuits with no real flow. The ridiculously long straights absolutely kill that track. I'd Hockenheim over this monstruosity any day, and hope that it will disappear as soon as possible from the calender.
  14. Nas00

    No german circuits anymore?

    Zandvoort is fantastic, absolutely hated Hanoi. Played it once as I didn't know it and it will never make it in my seasons ever again.
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    My Team Porsche GULF Oil