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  1. A detailed description of the issue. Taking a photo with the photo mode with activated discord overlay takes no picture of the game Instead, my folder with the photos saved is full with pictures from the discord overlay. No ingame pictures are to be seen. Report Code ESHG-JPRJ-HCHH-DKMG Platform? PC Game-mode? Photo mode - it doesn't matter from which game mode you use it What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Deactivating Discord Overlay (which obviou
  2. This is a problem that occurred to me when having DLSS on. Changing to another rendering fixed that for me. DLSS in general causes some problems, so I dont really recommend using it. If you don't use it already, try higher quality rendering. If this doesnt work aswell, I dont have a solution sadly.
  3. Ok then it doesnt. Perfect. So you are basically saying in this game, the assist works unrealisticly because you can easily achieve better laptimes, when in reality it shoudn't be the case. Is this correct or is that wrong aswell? Is ABS in this game too strong for you or not? After all you wrote, I still can't really tell your stance at that.
  4. And what is your point now? I dont even know what you want to say with this.
  5. In a real car, i think ABS would most likely improve lap times. But we are not talking about a system built in a car. We are talking about a game assist which should make cars easier to handle, not to replace certain skills. An assist should give you the ability to get to a certain limit in speeds. Turning them off should give you the opportunity to get faster than these limits the game sets with the assists. ABS just doesnt do this, as having it turned on only gives advantages. The same goes for traction control. TC in F1 cars was banned as the performance was too good and replaced driver s
  6. This isn't even remotely how it is in the game. You can just slam 100% brake pressure in every corner without even having to worry about understeer or other negative effects. You can just completely overdrive the car with abs, the game will just do the required braking for you. You can just drive fast without being good at handling the car. If even a nearly perfect driver like Opmeer can get faster when having this assist then an assist is just too strong. The only downside I notice seems to be when driving in the wet. There ABS users have less braking power. And this is what it should b
  7. A detailed description of the issue. Driving too wide on the entry curb results in invalid lap times - "Collided with wall" I was still within track limits Report Code AJDX-KSTT-XRHR-CPMG Platform? PC Game-mode? Time Trial What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. none so far, since i need to take the curb to get the corner properly Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. Here
  8. A detailed description of the issue: After completing a 5 lap race, I got a game crash. The moment the game notices the disconnect, I get a 5 second time penalty for ignoring yellow flags. Report Code - not available Platform? PC Game-mode? Online social play - would probably work in ranked aswell [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. At least 15 people. Some may have been there as spectators as well. [ONLINE] Were you
  9. It still needs to be possible to swap tyres between sessions. If it rains in FP1 I am forced to give back the hard and medium compound tyres and keep the softs. Yet the AI are able to have these tyres for FP2. I also may want to have two medium compound tyres available for qualifying, and keep the other soft tyre for the race. In online sessions, it makes the tyre allocation screen pointless since I cannot change anything there. Right now it just consumes another loading time because you have to confirm it every time you load into a 25% or longer race.
  10. For me it isnt about sounding bad. I actually like the sound (in perspective of the sound design). But my problem is that it is just impossible to drive for me. I have a low tolerance to high pitched sounds due to my chronic tinnitus. And the turbo whistle of the honda just hurts in my ears. I can drive 10 minutes at max before i have to switch off the game. This isnt a matter of sound volume. Even on minimal volume, just hearing the audio frequency of the turbo hurts. And I know enough people that have more or less the same problem, even without Tinnitus. Some cannot drive the Red Bull
  11. Onto a sound mod then, I hope it works online...
  12. I tried this and I still have the turbo sound. It just sounds slightly different but that doesnt help my problem unfortunately.
  13. First I really like that this game has Turbo sounds included. For me however, who is sensitive to certain high pitched noises due to chronic Tinnitus, the turbo sound of some cars (in my case the honda engined cars) hurts in my ears. Even so when playing on minimal sound volume. Since the engine sounds without the turbo seem to be the same as in 2020, it would be nice to have the option to select which cars should have the turbo sound included or not. This way you could just use the sound of the 2020 engine for these cars. It would be incredible if this is possible, since I rea
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