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  1. When I want to play a first-person game, my character has neither arms nor hands and does not turn the wheel, I cant even play in third person, beacuse i cant even turn. I already uninstall and install the game. I need some help, i didnt find anyone with this problem so i cant give any examples.
  2. Franco

    My car Does Not Turn

    You won yourself a friend :). Thanks!
  3. Franco

    My car Does Not Turn

    When i put the First Person Camera, the pilot does not have hands. I only have 4 or 5 hours in this game, and i cant play while im seeing this, i need help. 2020-07-20_19-37-04.mp4
  4. Franco

    My car Does Not Turn

    The car itself doesnt turn, even if i use keyboard or Joystick.