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  1. Nope all my liveries I use are either basic or from the shop & the helmets are the same. Even then I've used multiple liveries & it still won't work. I also reinstalled the game & that didnt work. Update: retried & exactly the same result with total basic stuff again & exactly the same result even with bought stuff
  2. Exactly the same issue. Freezes when trying to advance past 13th April. I have tried to fix it with changing the livery & racesuit etc & it still doesn't work. I have tried around 10 times & it always does the same thing. This error has happened for me before patch 1.05 & is still happening with patch 1.05. I am using an Xbox one, a standard controller & the bug is constant & crashes with the background music active until crash & have tried to change my race suit, livery, helmet & tried accessing the mode from different menus. I have also tried closing the
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