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  1. Cgwik

    Issue with Online ?

    Hello there Since this early in the morning , i cannot connect to F1 2020 online i've got a error code : 7 mmh?
  2. Hello guys, I'm afraid of further perf update. (Ferrari) Is it possible to block the further update of F1 2020 in steam ?
  3. Cgwik

    This make me sick

    euh.. the flag movement behind the scene when you see the grid before the race.. that's make me sick 😞
  4. Cgwik

    This make me sick

    Hello Guys, Dev, Am i the only one? .... when you see the grid before race.. with the flag of the country behind the scene.. it's make me sick.. i'm feeling strange. Not you? Do my best with my english. Thank you
  5. .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plWIqOEAe48