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  1. I noticed that too, in my myteam career they change drivers only when someone retires and they always pick an F2 driver. The driver market is a bit disappointing. 

  2. 26 minutes ago, zZ A M P Aa said:

    Pretty sure this was addressed and wasnt going to be changed as it is too much work for a nothing end result.

    Not an expert, but too much work? To change 2 colours? I agree with you that it's a really small detail but I mean, seriously? So next year I expect we will have a green Aston Martin with Pink colour. Great! 

  3. I know it is a really minor issue, but should be easily fixed and I don't understand why it is still there. I am referring to the color markers of Alpha Tauri and Williams. In game those are dark blue and light blue, while they should be white and a darker tone of blue respectively. 

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