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  1. I run a Racenet club 370808, all was running fine. Now on our 3rd championship and we have no series points/positions for the 3rd series. Additionally at least one competitor who did not compete in series 2 has points from their positions in series 3 showing in Series 2 championship positions.( see stephan06 or BuBe)
  2. The co-driver inaccuracies are by far and away the worst part of an otherwise very good game. There are so many incorrect calls that it spoils the experience for people like me who don't play the game continually and don't have the time to memorise ever stage. Very frustrating when you do a stage and arrive way too fast crash at the exact same place you went off the last time you approached the same corner. I often wonder what Phil Mills thinks of his name and voice being used for such useless notes?
  3. UPDATE: The problem is only in uploading stage times, all downloads work fine as do car repairs etc etc .... please sort this out as it makes owning or playing the game completely pointless. One error message I received was that I needed to be logged into steam but upon checking I was ....... is it the steam update causing the problems?
  4. Can't play in France with or without a VPN via landline or 4G. So nothing at all to do with local problems 100% a codemasters problem. Connection Failed .... so will lose progress on Monthly challenge with only one rally to go. Totally unacceptable that I have paid for a game I cannot use, and that hours of game progress completely wasted. Codemasters, what are you going to do about this continual problem reported by players from all over the world please? I am not a young angry keyboard warrior instead I am a retired old git in his 60's into my rallying. Surely this **** servic
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