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  1. Simgiov

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    I can access the file but the Calculator sheet is locked. If I duplicate it and I set my difficulty, the numbers below don't change.
  2. Yeah, I noticed the AI immediately lose pace when the first drops come down (even if the surface is still dry) then no longer lose anything and if it's completely wet they still drive fine without problems even in dry tyres. I also think they cheat on parc ferme rules, just had Singapore with dry quali + wet race, they qualified with dry setup times and in the race they were doing perfectly fine as if they had wet setup. There is definitely something wrong with the way weather impacts AIs.
  3. Me too, they slow down a lot immediately when it starts to rain, while I can keep the dry pace for a couple of laps until the track surface is wet. Now I just qualified P14 in Sochi with a wet setup on a dry quali, (the same diff where I just dominated Singapore) all the other cars were as fast as me in FP with dry setup. I bet that in the race they will be as fast as me on my wet setup. To me, they just seem to ignore parc ferme rule or whatever.
  4. I want to give my feedback on what needs to be balanced in the game, I'm at half of the second season in the MyTeam career. I'm playing 50% races, right now at 97 difficulty, all assists off (with the exception of TC in wet races). AI difficulty is unbalanced in quali vs race. They are too fast in quali, I always qualify in 13th-18th place and in the race my pace is in the range of the top 6 drivers. AI too fast on race start. The AI starts too fast whent he lights go off. I have to fight against the wheels spinning and I'm still slower than them, looks like they have perfect grip and can go full throttle from first gear. AI too slow the first lap. The AI is just too slow the first lap, their braking points are too early and they don't carry any speed through the corners, overtaking is too easy. AI too slow when weather changes. When the weather changes from cloudy to rain, It looks like the AI immediately feels the loss in grip when the first drops of water come down and lose pace, while I'm able to keep the dry pace for 1-2 laps. The same happens when it stops raining, they start pushing as it stops, while I have to wait for the track to dry up. AI too fast when weather stabilises. After a while, the tarmac becomes wet, and the AI, even though they lost pace when it was still dry, are too fast. I have to turn on traction control so I can push hard but they are still much faster. 1-stop strategies are too effective. Even with longer 50% races (compared to 25%) one-stop strategies are the way to go. It's much better to get P11 in quali so you can do the strategy you want and go M + H than to get P1 and run S+M+M. A part from the drivers in the top 3 teams, the others that qualified in the top 10 (2-stops strategy) will drop places and arrive behind the drivers that qualified 10+ (1-stop strategy), even if they have better cars. It has been a solid pattern through many races now.
  5. Simgiov

    Voice Control Unavailable (PC)

    Be sure to DON'T have any program that uses the mic running when you start the game. For example, Discord. If you need it, start it AFTER you start the game.
  6. Problem description: at every startup of the game, the wheel resets to 900°. How to reproduce it: set any degree setting in Logitech GHUB, start the game, it will ignore the setting and be 900°. Temporary work around: start Logitech GHUB; set wheel to any degree setting BUT NOT the one you want; start the game; press a random button on the main menu; alt-tab to Logitech GHUB; set degree setting to the value you want; alt-tab back to the game and play. This has to be done on every single startup. PC specs/drivers: doesn't matter, it happens on any driver version, on any Windows 10 version. When did it begin: since launch, well to be honest at least since the launch of F1 2019, it was never fixed. I didn't play 2018 so I don't know.