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  1. This problem annoyes me still. It is never a problem in unranked races. But in Liga Races where the responsible persons set in the Gameplay-Settings the option Race-Start to manuall instead of 'supported' or 'assisted' (what ever it is called in english). But I don't get your saying: "Update: The shifter being in (any) gear was exactly the problem..." What does this mean? I don't understand, because at race start there is no gear, it is Neutral.
  2. All my friends play F1 over many years now. I started a last years and have now a 3 month break behind me. So no chance at all to ever come cloth to my friends. But I want to race with them. Its fun with them. Just I was most of the time the last one, with a big gap. There should be a possibility that friends with different skill level can play together, by adding the good player a hadicap, or give bad player an advantage. Similar like in some real race leags, where additional weight is put into the car etc. It would be great if Codemasters would add such a possibility, which everyone can see that takes part in a race. There should be a sign, e.g. that player xy has time benefit of -1 second or so. It shall be a transparent thing. I think there are good players who would also like such a 'friends' mode the have a more closer race with all friends, instead of 2-3 that are always taking the first 3 places nad 2-3 that are always taking the last place. Such races are more fun races rather then finding the absolute best driver.
  3. vTeritron

    Fast lap times are not loading (table remains empty)

    Solved: After rebooting the PC the problem is gone. Time tables are loading again. But my two improved times have been forgotten by CodeMasters. But at least I know them, cause written done them;-) Sorry for bothering you all. With the nice window hybrid/sleep modes, I hardly reboot my PC nowadays.
  4. vTeritron

    Fast lap times are not loading (table remains empty)

    For me it is permanent, and only since a couple of days (since the last patch). Restarting the game does not help.
  5. Is it only me? A made time trial yesterday, and e.g. improved my USA time by 0.7 seconds. But when I go into time ranking it is loading forever. Also my own time is not displayed. It is like that after the last patch. Anyone else too?
  6. vTeritron

    Ranked races not really 'ranked' races

    > BUT, instead of that, I have to play with bronce level 2 and 3, and also against silver levels 1-3. After complaining a lot in the past, I want to tell you, that meanwhile things have normalized in F1 2020. The players base is now big enough to match drivers with similar skills together. In the early days of F1 2020 I fall right town to Bronce I, because it seems, the first players who adopted from F1 2019 to F1 2020 were mostly good players. But meanwhile I was able to go from Bronce (B) I over B II and B III to currently Silver I. A little bit strange but I reached B II after crossing 400 Points, and B III after crossing 800 Points. Therefore I was a little suprised when I reached S I today after crossing 1100 Points (and not 1200 Points) 😉
  7. A while ago, I subscribed to 22 dry and 22 wet setups of a certain driver, who was recommended to me. So all in all, within the game, I could use/select between 44 setups. So far so good. But today I subscribed to 20 dry setups of another driver too. When I went back to F1 2020, in order to see if they are now there, all new 20 setups were there, BUT around 14 of my earlier subscribed setups were gone! Does it mean it is only possible to not more than 50 setups in F1 2020? Or do I am something wrong?
  8. vTeritron

    Cinema: Storing highlight videos

    Why is it only possible to store 5 highlight videos? I a new one shall be stored, an older one has to be overwritten! Why can I not store as many highlight vidoes as I want, only limited by my free space of the hard disc? Sorry, I don't get that.
  9. vTeritron

    Steering Wheel Range

    For those of you who use a steering wheel: What range (°) have you configured? I played F1 2019/2020 since 3.5 month with a range of 220°. But what looks like is, that this is not good, because it allows me too fast changes the direction/angle of the steering wheel and this might be one reason for my steadily sliding (because overheading) tyres. I am not 100% sure. I extended the range to 260° but it was not possible to drive for me with that change. So I reduced it to 240° and will keep that for a while. Having a higher range looks like to calm down my adhoc driving moves. And it gives more sensitivity in corners. But I have to get used to. First 240°, maybe later again a bit more.
  10. vTeritron

    Driving a certain KI-Level?

    I often hear players saying: "I am driving KI level 95%" or "I am driving KI level 105%". It sound like a certain quality parameter, but what does it really this mean? Does it mean the KI level where a player constantly getting the pole and win the races? Or does it mean that the can fight with KI at that level and end up in the top 10 or so? Because I could also tell to someone I driving KI level 100%, but in fact being alwas pre-last or last.
  11. vTeritron

    How to drive 'Eau Rouge' (Spa)

    Sorry to ask, but I can remember to be able to drive the Eau Rouge with full throttle and highest gear, taking the left curp and after that softly stearing right. But now I can not drive it any more. I always leave (fly from) the track. Has CodeMaster changed something in the recent patches? How do you drive the 'Eau Rouge'?
  12. vTeritron

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Yes, this must be the explanation for the peep in the red, because the human reaction may be 150 ms and then the reaction is in the purple. Great man! If they would send the peep in the purple it would be too late when I hear it and send my finger the command to pull! > Out of interest, the automatic gear times you're struggling to match - were these time you could get very close to consistently or a rare very good time? If the latter it could partly explain why you aren't quickly matching them. To be honest, my fast lap times are never meant to be consistent. They are all achieve with kind of luck to get most of the things good in the track. For example my qualification times are almost 1.5 seconds behind, since you have most of the time (quick qualifying) a one-shot or nothing thing. And my fastest race laps are again 1.5 seconds behind, since you have more fuel at the beginning and at the end bad tyres.
  13. vTeritron

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    To be honest, I am also a bit confused when the beep comes (already in the red part). Is this right or wrong for accellerating best (normal, dry conditions): "Wait for all lights to light up (even purple), then its the right time to switch?" What the different color means? What I assume: - green: everything ok, the current gear is fine - red: you can stay at the current gear for some time or already shift (maybe shift here for saving tyre life?) - purple: time to definitively shift, otherwise it can damage gear box (if staying here too long)
  14. vTeritron

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    I am driving now F1 for 3,5 month. I did not drive any race games before (except GrandPrix 3 on keyboard around the 2000). So I learn it more or less from scratch, but of course as an adult, you know the basic physics from real car driving. I thought turn of one race support after the other, not 2 at the same time. But lets see, maybe I give it a try in the next week. But anyway thanks for all that info!
  15. vTeritron

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Yes. I break based on the 'ideal line', and therefore also shift-down based on that. But turning it (the 'ideal line') of, would be a nightmare:-)