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  1. I tried to find this via google but all I get are articles and video about where someone reached a record (lap) or what ever. How a race can be recorded as a video? Maybe a race is just too long to store. It would also be cool if you lets say always the last 2 minutes are continuesly saved, and when there an incident (crash, slide, push, damage, fight, ...) had happened, you can press a certain key on the keyboard, and the last 2 minutes are just snaphost into a file. And again continuesly the race is recorded, until maybe you feel the need to store another snapshot. Does s
  2. I have an annoying problem. I joined a league and had my 2nd race meanwhile. But in both races at start the gear ist not switching from N to 1st gear. I thought it might have been a rare strange bug, but frustratingly I found out that the same happend in the 2nd trace! What is this? I does not happen in unranked races. It does not happen if I try out Grand Prix races. This is very annoying. Not even lose I time and positions, but also crashes other players into my back and destroy their front wings. I hope anyone can help me here. I am using a wheel (Logitech G920) and
  3. This problem annoyes me still. It is never a problem in unranked races. But in Liga Races where the responsible persons set in the Gameplay-Settings the option Race-Start to manuall instead of 'supported' or 'assisted' (what ever it is called in english). But I don't get your saying: "Update: The shifter being in (any) gear was exactly the problem..." What does this mean? I don't understand, because at race start there is no gear, it is Neutral.
  4. All my friends play F1 over many years now. I started a last years and have now a 3 month break behind me. So no chance at all to ever come cloth to my friends. But I want to race with them. Its fun with them. Just I was most of the time the last one, with a big gap. There should be a possibility that friends with different skill level can play together, by adding the good player a hadicap, or give bad player an advantage. Similar like in some real race leags, where additional weight is put into the car etc. It would be great if Codemasters would add such a possibility, which ev
  5. For those of you who use a steering wheel: What range (°) have you configured? I played F1 2019/2020 since 3.5 month with a range of 220°. But what looks like is, that this is not good, because it allows me too fast changes the direction/angle of the steering wheel and this might be one reason for my steadily sliding (because overheading) tyres. I am not 100% sure. I extended the range to 260° but it was not possible to drive for me with that change. So I reduced it to 240° and will keep that for a while. Having a higher range looks like to calm down my adhoc driving moves
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