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  1. RentonT09

    How do you build your setups?

    Interested to see people’s methods for reaching their race setups each weekend. I imagine people prefer to start by achieving a fast quali setup and then adjust from that towards a more race friendly setup. Or do you do your first few practice runs with high fuel to get a starting setup? Do you have some track based adjustments that you make before you even start practice? Do you have one base setup that you always start with and adjust from that each weekend. Or are you happy running fundamentally different setups for different tracks.
  2. RentonT09

    The effect of a full tank on car setup

    Thanks, achieving the best car mid race is what I’m aiming for but I wanted to know what sensations feel and what adjustments change these feelings on a full tank compared to an empty tank so I can work from there. It seems that generally feeling understeery on a full tank and oversteery on a light tank is the rule of thumb.
  3. RentonT09

    The effect of a full tank on car setup

    Yea just talking in general. Agree with changing driving style.. I just wanted to know how the car should behave on a light tank for a balance race setup. (So should it feel more oversteery or wild) or are we saying that it should feel perfect and we just adjust driving only so brake earlier etc like you say. If we completely ignore tire heat and deg when looking at TT setups... would you make many changes to the suspension settings and wings to account for a long race setup. Because I’m thinking the suspension and ARB’s must be affected by weight?? Looking for balance is the key and trying to find a general rule of thumb Regarding weight to help me with adjustments. Would a bigger offset on your anti roll bars behave differently under a full tank (Going from 5-6 to 3-9 for example). Or is it more just the stiffness itself (going from 5-6 to 7-8) thanks for replies
  4. Need some guidance please.. When playing 50% or 100% races... obviously you will need to adjust your driving as the car gets lighter through the race. Likewise for tires. But as a general rule I’m interested in what adjustments would help the heavier car. It feels a bit understeery through middle to end of corners. Would it be better to feel that the car is more oversteery and there is more risk of losing the back end when you are using a TT setup or in TT mode (with a view to a better long race setup). I see so many setups with higher numbers for the rear anti roll bars, but in TT mode if I increase this then my car is pretty lively on acceleration out of corners and takes some taming. I have to keep both anti roll bars pretty close 5-6 currently. Springs set at 3-4. Even 5-7 ARB’s seem to be lively for me. So these setups with 3-9 I don’t understand why they don’t feel right for me... I noticed that changing from 2-3 wings to 4-5 wings helped with the understeer I was feeling on a fuller tank. Anyway I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about the setups but it’s ongoing haha.
  5. RentonT09

    Race start help

    Very nice Ultra. I forgot to add I have overtake on also. And I noticed an improvement on starts with it on.
  6. RentonT09

    Race start help

    When the lights go out momentarily let off the accelerator and let the car bite before applying it again... and short shift the early gears a bit... seems to work for me. I don’t think the perfect revs are as vital but I’ve not done loads of work/testing. Maybe someone has a more conclusive answer.
  7. RentonT09