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  1. Ok , Can you just give us a rar to extract on our install directory and enable the DLC ? We deserve that.. who cares about GFWL if the game works with all the DLC . make us happy , we would pay for the content, we paid for this game , we love it and we want it complete.
  2. can you give us some unlock codes to enter and download the DLC for free? i think we deserve it! :D i read that when you make the transition to steamworks you will give us the complete edition.. so if it is true can we download the DLC for free? are there any Unlock codes?
  3. i want it on steam. Rebuying the game is not a solution. They said that they will make all dlc available but no one can buy anything on Live marketplace.
  4. Message to Codemasters : Can you please share a DLC unlock code  so we can at least all enable the DLC ?  If GFWL is not letting us buy them and you are gonna enable all DLC in steamworks CAN you please share all unlock codes for us? We will be very happy and stop shouting for it. PLEASE think about it!
  5. FireGate13

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    i am using steam on Windows 8.1 and i can play dirt 3. (try installing GFWL application). But I cannot buy any DLC and this is so annoying! Come on Codies.. Remove that shit of dead program