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  1. happened one time before. In Russia.
  2. Australia is avaliable in the first season. At least in the 23 custom race season. You swap any given track with china after season 1. I dumped Hungary.
  3. So Lewis meets the 3rd most famous wall in the World. And then... shenanigans. 20211125_214858.mp4
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Season 4 MyTeam every Facilitiy at Level 3. Changed from Renault to Ferrari this year. This seems to be a thing with the engine supplier. Somewhere in the F&E Section there is a line that says "coming September 14th". I guess there's an uppgrade coming from my Engine Supplier on that date.
  5. In hindsight, a different Thread title would have been better. The reason for mistakes of the AI is important because not only enhances the immersion. But this incident caused a a safety car and changed the whole dynamic of the race. So this was MyTeam Season 4 100% Portimao. I was on Pole, my car is the fastest in the field but on the same level as the Mercedes. Bottas was on P2 (Because where else). In the first 20 Lap stint I managed to open a gap of about 5 Seconds to him before the first Stop Soft to Soft. Second then was Leclerc and I managed to enhance the gap even more. Then
  6. I usually trust Jeff with these transission from wet to inters. He failed me only once (back in F1 2020) compared to me trying to be smarter and making two or three bad choices.
  7. I maxed out Aero and almost maxed out Chassis. But I still could do a 1 Stop Soft/medium in season 1. IMO I find it more entertaining if you have to make more stops than IRL. It gives you a bit more opportunities during Races to vary the strategy. Instead IRL going from Medium to hard in every race. But it's nice to see for Season 4 how far I can go on these tyres with decend pace.
  8. Does anybody else have the feeling that the tyre wear is way different in reality? I did a 100% Race in Silverstone (MyTeam Season 3, 84 AI, PS4 Controller, TC, ABS, Autogear). I used the mediums in Q1 and started on softs and had to pit in lap 12 because Hamilton damaged my front wing. I switched to my new set of softs and did 32 laps (!) on this set. In the end, the tyres had a wear of 55% and I only did this to make them last till the rain. My pace wasn't that great in last couple of laps, but not bad either. But nonetheless, this seems weird since I remember Silversto
  9. OPEL PC (Performance Center) F1 Racing Team
  10. #21. The same as the back number of my jersey.
  11. It has an impact on Performance. In the aftermath, Hamilton was holding up the whole party until the back straight. (I noticed that because the gap behind me getting extremely big out of the sudden.) But this wasn't japan. This was China. Sainz was exciting the pit and Hamilton ran straight into him. The shadows of the front wing are indeed a bit disturbing.
  12. Perez and Ricciardo 20211007_233747.mp4
  13. Get in there Lewis. 20211007_233658.mp4
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