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  1. A counter argument could be that Schumacher started in more races than Hamilton thus far. (first in the Mcclaren and of course Mercedes) Hamilton had the advantage that he had been in a GrandPrix and Championship winning car in every year of his career. Schumacher started in a Jordan than in a good but not great Bennetton, the 1996 Ferrari (let's not talk about that). And the 2010 to 2012 Mercedes who was a midfielder back then. Also keep in mind, mechanical failures among the top teams nowadays are almost non-existent which makes it easier finish top more oten. Look back on the seasons 1998 to 2000 how many times Hakkinen and Schumacher had to retire because of mechanical issues. Long story short, looking at how big of a role Schumacher played in rebuilding Ferrari and given the time. He has a minimal edge over Hamilton considering the whole package.
  2. CS21

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    OK, we learn something new every day.
  3. CS21

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    No. This set is specifically for Q3. If you don't make it to Q3. The set is not avaliable at all. (when you click through the avaliable tyre sets at the beginning of Q3 session it will say 'for Q3 extra' or something like that (picture below))
  4. Tough question, given the fact how Massa (freaking Massa) performed with that Car 2008. There's quite a good chance that could have happened. But from my experience, Schumacher was never the best Reifenflüsterer (Tyre whisperer). The rule changes requiering Tyre management during those years would have probably to his diadvantage. Ther's a good chance that he might have learned it. It would have given us the real Hamilton and Schumacher fight in 2008 though. (I'm getting Klitschko vs. Joshua Vibes)
  5. Looking back I think he would have taken the 1999 Championship so... 8. When you look how Irvine performed with this car (and let's be clear, the whole time during his Ferrari run, Schumacher he had minimal better material than his teammate). he was mostly on par with Hakkinen. The comeback performance in Maylisia and the once prior to his accident should give a hint on what could have been possible in 1999.
  6. CS21

    Question on managing engine components in race

    Not an expert on that but... Using Rich fuel Mix affects the mgu-k . So driving in rich wears it down (at a certain point you can't use Rich mode). Lean wears down the mgu-h and it also affects the electric Control (sp?) (German Word is steuerlektronik). So that you can't Ude Lean Mode. The mgu-h also regulates temperature. Your Engine might overheat and wears down More. It could be the other way around though. So alway try driving in normal fuel Mode (Rich mode wears down Engine more) Shift Early and down stretch out gears. Use lift and coast. Less full throttle, thè better för the Engine. Thats what i do. Could be totally wrong though.
  7. CS21

    Remove 3 tracks and add your own 3 .

    Remove: Hanoi Baku Abu Dhabi Add Nürburgring Turkey Kuala Lumpur Note: there are way more circuits I would like to be replaced (Le Castellet, Singapore, Socchi, Budapest, I don't need raplacements for them (maybe Hockenheim because of patriotism)
  8. CS21


    OPEL PC F1 Racing Team Season 6. Nickname: Goldie locks
  9. CS21

    Safety car

    Seeing how so many people have different opinions ans encounters with the safety car, there is definately something wrong with it. I for myself have a safety Car every single race (only one). It appears every time the first car retires. I did not go into research if this is due to crashes or mechanical failures. Interesting side note: I drove MyTeam French GP 100% Race. In the middle of the race during the last two corners, I got the message of the safety car being deployed. I turned the car to make it into the pits and crashed straight into the pit wall (yeah I know, dumb). I then used a replay restarting a few corners earlier. The car still retired, but there was no safety car this time. (although it appeared during the next retirement).
  10. CS21

    question of practice programs

    Totally different with me. Ob most tracks i manage the time with ease but struggled with he pace of my teammate. (82 AI ps4 controller autogear an reaction control)
  11. CS21

    What tires do I get for the race?

    what is your compount allocation? You have 7 sets of tyres you can use during quali and race combined. depending of which allocation you choose, you got more sets of softs or of mediums or even hard. Maybe you have lots of hards and mediums left and just ran out of softs. A hard allocartion could mean that you only had 3 softs but 3 mdeium and 1 hard set. I linked a threat where you can see the tyre allocation screen with the varoius options though there is a bug involved.
  12. CS21

    How do you qualify?

    Yeah, I heard about this a few times. But I can live with that. I am already in a weird postition. My Car in MyTeam at this point is way OP compard to the others. Yet I struggle to beat my teammate (Schumacher). He is basically at the same speed and sometimes even a few hundreds of a sec faster (in paractice at least) The rest is mostly a sceond off. So I don't mind the little nerf.
  13. CS21

    How do you qualify?

    that depends on which mix of tyre sets you choose. In career mode, you have the option to decide how many sets of which compound you wanna take for the weekend. If you're certain you don't want to take the hard tyre, Take less. Or pick a soft set more for a medium. Otherwise, to have a fresh set of soft for the end. you have to spare one.
  14. CS21

    How do you qualify?

    You got seven sets of tires that you can use during qualifying and race combined. So every set is avaliable in the race. If you use all of your soft tires in quali, you don't have a fresh set for the race and only have used ones. If you make it to Q3. You have to start the race with the tire you made your fastest lap in Q2. So that one is already used. I would go for softs at the start then and go for a spared soft tire (if you can). And for the end race go for mediums. If a safety car comes out, you have enough options to alter your strategy.
  15. CS21

    How do you qualify?

    I have the settings full qualifying. But I only take one lap per session. Mostly I fast forward till the Ai has done it's first try. Then ewhen they all go back to pit, I go straight to flying lap. Do one take and then right back to pit. I wait till the AI finished it's first shot. Then got directly to flying lap. One shot and then directly back to pit. I fast forward to the end of the session or let it run out depending on time left. In the wet, I take a lot more fuel with me and drive the whole session to improve my time. Maybe get dry tyres if it makes sense. If it is dry and rain is supposed to come, I go out right as well.