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  1. Backing this claim, same issues as first post stated. Also tried a big amount of variations but no achievements and no completed challenges.
  2. Same problem, comparable approach. What crossed my mind: Could they mean a complete season? It would be ridiculous (at least seems that way for me) but from the sound of the task I could interprete it this way. Edit 02.08.20 Started a new career again, easy (30), 30 Minutes Practise, 18 Minute Qualifying, 5 Laps. I guess (!) it may be the qualifying, before it was set to quick qualifying. Maybe this causes a difference. Done two races to be sure, no information about completing it, but after the second race the challenge was completed.
  3. same, also got NM14 as a second error 1 hour later, still the same problem. Also had the problem last weekend. I really want to finish the challenges for weekend races to get access to the special car design. I do hope this get fixed before the current podium pass runs out.
  4. Same problem, Errorcode NM14, will not let me connect to the weekly race event. Same problem as last week, btw. I am not seeing myself completing any challenges that require weekly races in online sessions. Ranked or unranked work fine, mostly.
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