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  1. ZRT Logan

    [PC] Safety Rating S ranked Lobbies

    Yep was literally the exact same with me last week
  2. Also just had this issue, been happening the last few days, only disconnecting from f1 server as still connected to xbox live
  3. ZRT Logan

    Multiplayer Penalties Issue

    Exact same thing happening again in another race today IMG_6092.MP4
  4. Can someone please fix this, getting penalties like this every race in non avoidable scenarios where 2 players infront are crashing into eachother and you get the penalty for trying to avoid it, driver rating dropping for absolutely nothing Xbox One 1.09 Ranked Wireless Connection Were you the host? Unsure friends and other users have mentioned receiving similar penalties report code is shown in one of the videos Recorded through xbox game capture IMG_6077.MP4
  5. ZRT Logan

    ZRT PRO E-League (XBOX)

    Day: TBC League Setup: F1 2020 Cars Equal Performance Short Qualifying 50% Races Dynamic Weather Full Setup  Strict Corner-Cutting Random 10 Race Season Assists Allowed (Except Braking Assist.) Looking for drivers in the UK interested in joining a new league with updated drivers standings after each race. Interested? looking to get started on 10th of October. Drivers need to be confirmed by the 8th of october. If you would like to join the league message me on here or on Xbox (ZRT Logan) or even reply to this thread to arrange a unranked lobby trial with a few other drivers. We'll also invite you to our group, where we post all communications for upcoming race weekends  Thanks guys
  6. ZRT Logan


    Im asking for it to be strict, i just think in terms of assists you should be able to pick if you play unassisted or with people using assists
  7. ZRT Logan


    The adding in of filters to ranked races would be a good addition, whether its a filter for - region - assists/manual - strict penaltys - simulation damage