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  1. azombie1223

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    Agreed. Should be optional.
  2. azombie1223

    F1 2021 😁🏎️

    I'm excited for F1 2021. Especially for the next gen versions. Fingers crossed for random DNFs for users.
  3. azombie1223

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    I hope we can get random DNF's due to mechanical failures.
  4. azombie1223

    Audio accessibility and quality of life feedback

    I'm that reddit guy! This is how you get me to buy the next F1 title. The Jeff voice and the ability to move the subtitles in the HUD customization are the only ones I can offer feedback. The rest of the game has been fantastic for me. To catch up the ones that didn't see my reddit post, I am deaf-blind andI had issues with hearing Jeff due to his "radio" voice. I understood him perfectly in F1 2019 with the headset on and I can't understand Jeff at all in 2020. My vision problems doesn't provide me the luxury to keep my eye on the track at all times. I have small tunnel vision and whwnwver Jeff says something, I have to completely take my eyes off the track and try to read the subtitles quickly before my next turn. Moving the subtitles like I could with the HUD elements, I could.move the subtitles closer to my center of vision. Appreciate you taking feedback on this, not a lot of game companies would do the same. ❤
  5. azombie1223

    Why does ERS die sometimes?

    You notice on the HUD where you can see how much ERS you have? You'll also notice where it says "D" and "H" D = Distribubted H = Harvested Each time you complete a lap, the D and H levels are reset. D tells you how much ERS you have for the lap. H tells you how much you're storing during the lap. The main ERS bar is what you have in TOTAL. When the D meter runs empty, the ERS is disabled for the duration of the lap.
  6. azombie1223

    What number do you choose and why?

    13, it's my lucky number, really.