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  1. I have to admit, I'm still really bummed about the issue and it made me give up on F1 2021 purely due to the frustration with having to constantly rewind to work through the MFD to get some information, ESPECIALLY asking Jeff to repeat. It's annoying having to rewind 5-10 times just to work through the MFD and I'm lacking the patience to keep doing it. I really enjoy F1 2021 but I'm not enjoying the frustration with the lack of voice control. Before some of you ask why didn't I get the PS4/PS5 version, well most of my friends play on the Xbox.
  2. I feel like I'm the only one that hasn't had any issues on running out of fuel. I always end up having issues on ending races with excess fuel. I use automatic gears.
  3. Yeah, I'm a fan of both drivers and I feel like Hamilton knew that he wasn't going to have the momentum into Copse. I'm guessing he panicked at the last minute rather than deliberately hit Max. It was a racing incident through and through but Hamilton could have gave a better post-race interview than he did. Doesn't deserve the toxicity from the fans.
  4. Somewhere in Europe, both Hamilton and Verstappen nods in agreement in this statement
  5. I agree on this part wholeheartedly. My response was to a guy that wanted them kept out of ranked altogether.
  6. As someone that is disabled and JUST started to finally adapt to no assists except auto gearbox, banning assists in ranked races is shallow imo.
  7. EDIT: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HADN'T FULLY WAKEN UP YET AND CAN'T COMPREHEND THE POSTS YET, LAUGH AT ME MISSING THE POINT HERE. I MOSREAD THE LAP TIMES AS 1:06.000 NOT AS 1:01.000. Hate to be that guy and I posted sub 1:06 lap times at Austria with Lewis Hamilton. Done with a controller and only assist was automatic gears. First pic is time trial:Next two is the qualifying results in Grand Prix with no setup change:
  8. A free practice mode for each track that has fuel consumption and tire wear and parts wear. Instead of having to boot up Grand Prix or Time Trial Mode for practice with the controls. A FP mode where you can practice tire, fuel, and ERS management over and over. I usually go to time trial trying to practice driving without assists but I want to practice minimizing tire wear at some tracks. A practice mode would be a good mode to train ourselves more.
  9. Probably because the drivers adjusts their cars for each track.
  10. Also, be sure to keep your wheels straight as possible when hitting the last kerb.
  11. Yellow: 30, 240, 122 Brown: 21, 240, 23 Red: 0, 240, 120 Leaf Livery
  12. I love them. I've adapted to them and still abuse them. Just not as aggressive on the throttle when I'm riding them.
  13. New season, New livery design, heavily inspired by Shiner Bock beer colors and very 70s inspired design.
  14. Here I am with only two rain races after my first My Team season. I want more rain.
  15. I really can't put into words how disappointed I am over this. This is the one accessible feature I wished to have aside from being able to move the subtitles to the center of the screen via OSD customization to accommodate my tunnel vision. Would it help if the community raise a stink to both Microsoft and Sony over this matter?
  16. A detailed description of the issue. When starting up the practice program, Tire Management, one of the objective was keep tires below 32°F, an impossible task. 90% of the time it would change to 220+°F when you pass the start line of the track but this one time, it remained at 32°F Report Code: MCKV-ESXE-TCXA-GBJG Platform? Xbox Series X Game-mode? My Team What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. I restart the program Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. See Below How d
  17. I knew of it's existence but I would like something for consoles too, you know.
  18. I think a game mode where we just play as the team principal and hire two drivers, guide the drivers during races. Also, hire personnel for R&D departments and train the drivers over time. We could watch the races through the same way we watch the replays or spectator view in MP giving out orders and pitting strategy. We could take the data from the practice mode completed by the AI drivers and decide how much to fuel the car, when to put, which tire to use and so forth.
  19. Because I'm visually impaired, the line helps me keep track where the braking points are while trying to focus on my surroundings.
  20. Hugging the wall as closely as possible after the T4 exit at the Canadian GP.
  21. If you're simming the practices and using up 70-90% of the time in each sessions, you're basically running 25-30 laps per session. When you get to FP3, you switch to the main gearbox that you use for races.
  22. I'm in the same boat as I'm disabled as well. I think an audio log would be ideal as well, similar to what Grand Theft Auto used to do, it kept a log of the dialougue spoken in the pause menu. It isn't ideal but it would be better than to have to repeatedly hit flashback when going through the MFD and asking Jeff for important information.
  23. First season of My Team and he is dominant. I guess Botta is still our Overlord for F1
  24. Everyone over here complaining about using too much fuel while I have the issue of not using up enough fuel that I end the race in too much surplus. 😄
  25. Makes sense. Although I didn't get a radio call for a strat change. The track dried up at lap 13.
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