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  1. I posted in the beginning of the thread, I had this issue at the end of a 10 race season. I did not want to wait for a fix, so I started a new 16 race season which I just finished and I can report that the issue did not happen with 16 races. I renegotiated successfully mid-season and again after the season. It's the PS4 version running the latest update. So I just wanted to report that happened for me only on the 10 race season, not 16.
  2. @glurakk Did you play a full 16 race season only for it to happen again? Then another 22 races? Or did you just manually sim 16+22 races? 😆 It's really lame that My Team mode is unplayable for more than a season. 😞 --- @BarryBL, is there any information you can share on when this might be fixed?
  3. Yeh it could be... there def seems to be a bunch of similar issues at least. I hope it all gets sorted out soon because I started a 16 round season, as I didn't want to wait any longer for the 10 round season to get fixed and I really lost my momentum with the game. 😕
  4. This looks like several different issues. The original issue is specifically that you cannot offer any contracts on Nov 30 after a 10 race season, several of us had this exact same issue. Just wanted to point that out, hope all the bugs get sorted out ASAP!
  5. Same here, I did the update to 1.05 but it's status quo.
  6. It wasn't me sitting on the massive pile of cash, but I can confirm the bug also happens when you just have around 2 million 😆
  7. Yeh, just to be clear everyone has reported that it happens after the 10th race in the 1st season. ;)
  8. IcyIcy

    F1 2020 My Team- Unable to advance

    Hi Matt, is it perhaps the same as this issue which happens on Nov 30 for several of us during contract renewal after a 10 race season?
  9. Same here There seems to be two similar issues, I posted there as well:
  10. IcyIcy

    Contract/Driver Market bugs

    I have the same exact issue as @bannermania: After a 10 race season, Nov 30th Contract Renewal comes up but it is not possible to offer any drivers a contract. I tried restarting, changing as many settings as possible, etc but it remains stuck. It is impossible to continue with game. @BarryBL can you estimate how long it might take until this is fixed? It would help me decide that to do next (start a new long season, different game, etc). Thanks!