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  1. KieranG92

    A complete newbie (PS4)

    Hi @Mike5500. Thanks for your reply and taking time out to go in a little depth to the features that the F1 game offers. This is the exact response i was looking for and has helped a lot. i think im swaying towards buying it now you have explained the features.
  2. KieranG92

    A complete newbie (PS4)

    Hi community, im thinking about getting the game for PS4 and ive been trying to find out about the F1 community and the game. i havent played an F1 game since i was a kid so i havent a clue on what to expect. Ive tried to watch youtube vidoes to se what features and game modes are available but i cant seem to find a video that help me out. so my questions are; how well is the online mode on F1? are there ranked matches or leagues which you can enter into? or is it just a quick online match where your racing record isnt something to worry about? If anyone takes there time out to reply then much appreciated in advance!