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  1. TheJock83

    This is My Vietnam

    I mean the video should speak fo itself: Magnusson overtakes under yellow flags; Moves into my line and closes the gap forcing me into a stricken Albon; I'm out on Lap 3, and checking the post race Race Director tab - HE GETS NO PENALTY! (one of my big bug bears - as soon as I retire from a race, no one else does or receives any warnings/penalties!) 02-09-2020_22-48-33-k1os15ai.mp4
  2. TheJock83

    The MyTeam Teammate Dilema

    So, coming up to the end of season 2 on my team. I think the one thing all players looked forward to was hiring a named driver as a teammate (I wanted Raikonnen for season 2, retired. Had my eyes on Vettel for season 3, just announced his retirement). And the dilema is this - my teammate (Nick De Vries) has got himself u to an 83 rating. And he, through luck in a monsoon laden Singapore GP, finished 2nd (not bitter about him getting the teams first podium. Not at all). But surely I need to live the dream right? Go for Perez, Gasly or Lando? Right?? *An aside, heading to Japan in season 2 - Ricciardo is leading the championship. Ocon is 4th behind the Mercs, and Renault are about to win the constructors. So I can see this being a VERY interesting driver market with the mid table Ferrari seat open. Seriously, it's Mercedes & Renault as the top 2, Williams & Haas as the bottom 2 and then it's a coin flip to see who finishes p5 to p18.
  3. TheJock83

    Practice session qualifying lap challenge issue.

    I have always found the expected times in the quali sim unreachable, going back to last years game and the year before that. I just go by what time my teammate does.
  4. TheJock83


  5. TheJock83


    This is just one of numerous times it happened - also happens in non-DRS zones. And I am set up with high downforce.
  6. TheJock83


    The lurch to te left occurs like an RKO out of nowhere, the lurch to the right is me trying to correct it. If it is in no way a car setup issue, I'm going to keep telling myself it's "the wind". 21-08-2020_14-34-28-byt32vz2.mp4
  7. TheJock83

    British GP unraceable

    I've found some tracks I'm competitive and living up to what my apparent car rating is (2nd season MyTeam, going by the R&D chart I should be p8-p14) but others I'm +1-1.5s off the pace - so basically I'm a Haas! Queerly though, I've just started MyCareer and decided to do a full F2 season - in France (1 track where I am WELL off the pace in MyTeam) I was storming through, qualified 5th for R1 and finished 4th (undercuts don't work in F2?!?) and from 5th in SR finished 2nd. I changed the setup slightly to sacrifice speed on the straight for cronring stability and it seemed to work a charm, so thinking maybe similar needed in F1.
  8. TheJock83


    So, I'm in the Hungarian GP in MyTeam (2nd season) just now ad 3-4 times at specific parts of the track my car has LURCHED to one side for absolutely no reason. So I'm wodering if there is wind in game to affect the cars? Or is it something completely different? *On an aside, this is the most fascinating GP I've raced so far - qualified 21st, safety car on lap 9 changed my strategy from S 20 Laps x 2, M 30 laps to S 10 laps, M 50 Laps, S 10 laps, not all cars pitted under safety car, Verstapen, Leclerc and Stroll went for a 3 stop but Leclerc & Stroll got held up by Grosjean which meant I got DRS for 10 laps to stay with them, up to P12, then I get held up by Grosjean so change strategy again and pit on lap 35 to M try and undercut Grosjean, Verstapen pits behind me, we come out behind Magnusson and as I get ready to overtake him on the S/F straight Max divebombs ME and understeers into me taking off my endplate - meaning Grosjean gets out in front, and I'm stuck with a damaged front wing losing 0.5s to cars ahead. Will pit for S for the las 15 laps & hope for another safety car!*
  9. TheJock83

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    As far as "worth it" I mean is there a discernable improvement to a players driving using a wheel ie am I going to get that extra 0.5s a lap? And budget wise, although I doth my cap to the set up pictured here, I'm more talking just a wheel and pedals (for the moment) that I can switch on and go - obviously force feedback is a must.
  10. TheJock83

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    After 2 71 lap races back to back, I'm thinking it may be time to ditch the pad and go with a wheel. So: Is it worth it? Reccomendations for a casually serious driver, running 100% races? (XBox One)
  11. TheJock83

    Mexico GP

    Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem as me - 9/10ths of the lap are perfect, I am the quickes in Sector 1 by a good 0.3 to 0.5 seconds (1st season MyTeam, car is above Haas & Williams and just behind/nearly level with Alfa Romeo), 2nd sector is dependant on my driving but still hang to the back off/stay in front off other cars. Sector 3 a little slower, but it would even itself out well with good S1 & S2. Then I get to the last corner: Every time, no matter breaking point or acceleration point, no car in front/behind or car in front/behind I lose 0.3-0.5 from the corner to the Start/Finish line! Any one else having the same difficulty?
  12. TheJock83

    Acceleration out of Corners

    Just had 2 races since 1.05, Holland and Spain, and have to say I've noticed this problem I had seems to have dissapeared. Now able to hold off and pull away from AI and close down after being overtaken. I appreciate the tips - even though I was 100% sure that 95% of the time it wasn't down to my driving!
  13. TheJock83

    Acceleration out of Corners

    Yeah, but the problem I'm having is that if I'm behind they shoot away, and if I'm in front they shoot right up to my gearbox!
  14. TheJock83

    Your Worst Race So Far

    Don't. Get. Me. Started. On. Flashbacks. šŸ¤
  15. TheJock83

    The STATE of this game....

    I'm playing on XBox, games works great for me. Never crashed (during driving anyway), game modes I use (MyTeam, Grand Prix, Time Trial, Grand Prix Season) all working well and I enjoy racing against the AI far more than 2019. I find it amusing that when someone doesn't like something, or is maybe not as good at a game as they hoped (not a dig at OP, just a general observation) that it is automatically that the game is to blame. I've only ever found that to be the case with WWE 2k20. But again to re-iterate: XBox player of game EXTREMELY satidfied with purchase.