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  1. I've found some tracks I'm competitive and living up to what my apparent car rating is (2nd season MyTeam, going by the R&D chart I should be p8-p14) but others I'm +1-1.5s off the pace - so basically I'm a Haas! Queerly though, I've just started MyCareer and decided to do a full F2 season - in France (1 track where I am WELL off the pace in MyTeam) I was storming through, qualified 5th for R1 and finished 4th (undercuts don't work in F2?!?) and from 5th in SR finished 2nd. I changed the setup slightly to sacrifice speed on the straight for cronring stability and it seemed to work a
  2. Maybe just in my imagination, but could swear that depending on which driver you are attacking/defending against makes a difference. In the same race I passes Stroll with relative ease in Bahrain down the main straight into 1, he yielded and didn't come back - around 10 laps later Perez in the exact same circumstance pushed me right to the edge of the track and came back at me once I passed.
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