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  1. Any ideas when this patch will be coming out? Kind of want to play online 💁‍♂️
  2. This has fixed my issue but only tested for a good 20 minutes or so. The issue is definitely related to the port setup with the consoles or something along those lines I don't think the DNS makes much of a difference although I haven't tested on automatic so bravo to this solution from my end 👌
  3. Just keeping this topic alive as we land nearly another week without any solving to the issue.
  4. This is getting ridiculous at this stage, no pit coin compensation could cover the loss of catching up the with community because of this issue. Why not reset the whole server and start again. Do something that will actually solve the problem. If you could do it the last few years with minor issues why now with this one 💁‍♂️
  5. Country - Republic of Ireland Isp - Virgin Media Connection Type - Fibre Broadband Modem - Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Summary - wire from the fibre socket on my wall goes into the Internet box, my e-thernet cable goes from the modem to my xbox that is right beside my modem 💁‍♂️ Nat type is open.
  6. Barry, You have to understand the frustrations and I think everyone here has been relatively calm. But we need some sort of positive feedback instead of "its with the developers". I've had the game since the 13th. It's now the 20th of July and I literally haven't been able to play online. We fork out a lot of hard earned money for a game that we can't even play 💁‍♂️ is it okay if I send a copy of this forum chat to Microsoft as proof so I can get my refund. I think I'll just wait until its on EA access can't be bothered anymore. There's literally 80 quid sitting in codemasters pockets wh
  7. Yep to be fair every other game is perfect online it's just f1 21. The 2020 was fine 💁‍♂️
  8. I'm having the same issue in Ireland. I've a wired connection and all ports that are specified are open. I've a static ip address so nothing changes. I've hard reset my console, I've reinstalled the game, I've cleared my mac filtering, I've cleared my consoles cache. When i eventually do get into a game it migrates host and kicks me from the session, but it leaves me in the game it just says everyone else has left. Only a hand full of people are experiencing this issue and I've been in touch with codemaster and its gone beyond the 48hr response time.
  9. I too am getting the same problem, then when I do get into an online game it kicks me out mid lap by migrating host.
  10. I too am getting this error.
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