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  1. Hey @BarryBL, Thanks for the reply. Apologies for that! Does this work? https://m.twitch.tv/videos/992419604 Yep I knew the host, it was an AOR league race (done outside of the game’s league functionality). Do you want me to get anything from them?
  2. The game did not provide visual indication of warnings, and also the penalty for 3 track invalidations during the race. What’s odd is that after reconnecting during qualifying (after a disconnect), the game provided me with visual indication of my track disqualification, but during the race I didn’t get any visual indications. I was verbally told my Jeff that I had a 3s penalty, when I was under the premise I had 0 warnings. Checking the race director after the race, I had a warning on lap 12, 17, and then penalty on 25. Provided my stream for context as it’s easier to see than explain!
  3. Hi @Ender0042 What language did you write your app in? I’ve been trying to learn programming over lockdown, and I’d love to have a go at building a telemetry app as a project! Just wondering what language you used as I like your app a lot. 👍
  4. Hey, I'm looking to change my PSN name and it gave me a warning on the Playstation site that changing your name can affect leaderboards or saves etc. Are there any issues with changing my PSN name for F1 2020? Ie losing setups, wheel settings, leaderboards etc? Thanks! James
  5. Hey @BarryBL, Hope you’re well. As an update for this, I opened the ports recommended, but unfortunately I am still getting this bug whereby the leaderboards stop loading (and the game indefinitely hangs on Communicating with Online services after exiting time trial). Do you have any other recommendations for a possible fix? Would providing Report Codes help in solving network issues like this? If so I’m happy to gather a list of report codes from my time trial sessions this week 🙂
  6. Hi @BarryBL, Ah okay, I thought that might have been the case but I thought I’d raise it just in case it wasn’t. Thanks for clarifying - just got to make sure I don’t hit anyone in front!
  7. Description: To preface, I’m uncertain if this is a bug or intended. Under safety car conditions, if you make the slightest bit of contact with another car (or another car contacts you), you receive a 5 second penalty. PS4 1.12 (and previous versions) Unranked Wireless 14 players in lobby Do others experience this?: It seems to happen to anyone who makes contact during the safety car Replication: Can replicate through contact under safety car in all races How do you make the problem happen?: Under safety car, make (any sort) of contact with another car
  8. Thanks @BarryBL! Made sure I had replication and the Report Code for this 🙂
  9. A detailed description of the issue: (Video A) During a safety car, if I accidentally overtake another car, I rightfully get an illegal overtake warning. However, when giving the position back, the car I originally overtook now unrightfully gets an illegal overtake warning. This results in a to and fro-ing between the two cars who are both trying to avoid an illegal overtake penalty. (Video B) There was also an occasion where I overtook somebody just after we got a safety car, and the car ahead had to unrightfully concede his place Platform: P
  10. Hi all, I’m confident that this is the same underlying issue as this recent post. Just to reiterate the above points, this is not a 1.08 or 1.09 issue. I made a post surrounding this in July - Once the time trial leaderboards stop showing up, then after leaving the Time Trial the game forever hangs on “Communicating with Online Services”. Also, if I play, say, multiplayer for an extended period of time, after leaving the lobby I’ll get “Communicating with Online Services” forever hanging again. Apologies for jumping onto these forum posts, but this has been an issue that
  11. Hi @BarryBL, Have you been able to recreate this? It’s still quite a significant issue! I’m forced to frequently close the application and restart throughout a session. Thanks, James
  12. Hi, is there any update as to when the UDP data for ghost lap times is going to be patched?
  13. Hey, in fact its the other way round. My leaderboards will initially load after a few seconds, but eventually, they fail to load (as described above).
  14. Hi @syl2zero, Out of interest, who is your internet service provider?
  15. Hi @Meelty, Out of interest, who is your internet service provider?
  16. Hey @Ender0042, I think I found a potential bug with the application. for some reason this wouldn’t work for me, and after some troubleshooting I realised that it’s because the Local IP that was provided in the application (top right) was incorrect. Looking at ipconfig in CMD, it seems to have taken the IP address from ‘Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 4’, instead of ‘Wireless LAN adapter wifi’. is this intended? My ISP uses CGNAT if that changes anything. however it does work now!
  17. Hi @Ender0042, I decided to just set this up on my PC for my F1 on PS4. However, after following all the steps, I can’t seem to get it to work. The app just says ‘Waiting for a session’. I presume this is a network issue. Do you know how to resolve this? thanks in advance.
  18. Hi @Ender0042, Edit: sorry I meant as in if it’s possible to port personally - I wasn’t planning on stealing your app! this looks so incredible! I’m so excited to start using. I’d like to get this as an iOS app if at all possible, and was wondering if you think this would be compatible as an iOS app? looking at the Qt documentation, it seems like a port to iOS is something they do. Do you know if there would be any issue with trying to port this? the documentation talks about possible ‘specific hardware or software’ not being available that would cause an i
  19. Hi @BarryBL, hope you’re well. After now getting into online a lot more, I’m pretty confident that this is actually a ‘Connecting to online services’ bug. As in both ranked and unranked, I can stay in a lobby for a good while, but as soon as I leave, I get the ‘connecting to online services’ forever and can’t get back to the menus.
  20. Hi @BarryBL, So I’ve just confirmed that this issue is still the case even with staying on one track. From the looks of it, it seems like it could be a more inherent issue with the connection to online services which means the leaderboards can’t load? 19:10 Load up Hanoi, all leaderboards load. Load car setup from saved car setups (not from leaderboard) 19:11 Start flying lap 19:13 Restarted lap 19:13-19:20 Multiple flying laps 19:20 Check leaderboards, ‘Downloading Content’ loops seemingly indefinitely. Will leave for 5 minutes to see if anything happens.
  21. Hi @BarryBL, thanks for the response. I don’t think your replication method would cause the issue, as it seems to be spending an extended period in time trial that causes it. Also, whilst the leaderboard after ending the session also doesn’t load, looking at the leaderboards (to copy a setup for example) through the Session Info screen of the same session had the issue. I experienced it again today on my lunch, but it appeared to be slightly different circumstances, whereby I went onto Bahrain Short by accident, and instantly switched over when I could to Bahrain (instead of,
  22. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. When I first go into time trials, the leaderboards load up fine and there are no issues. However, if I decide to move to a new track (through 'Changing Car and Track Selection'), I find that pretty much most of the time, the leaderboards fail to load. The interface will say 'Downloading Data' (I believe), but no data will actually download. The 'Downloading Data' widget will disappear from the top left and no data will be shown. No data will be shown on both the Global and Friends leaderboard. 2.
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