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  1. I am new to this game... Platform: XBox One Mode: Career Mode (Beginner level) Description: I played through the F2 circuit (12 Races) and then transitioned over to the F1 circuit. I went through the steps of signing the contract (lower level team), and spending the points and money for improvements. I went forward until I was ready to start my first pre-race practice. I start out and my car is all over the place. I check the settings and they are locked in Elite settings and everything is maxed to the top most experienced level. I never changed the settings when starting the F1 one series. I checked before progressing to see it was still set, but when starting the first race weekend it reset to the most difficult levels (all around). My Actions: I attempted to end the game but the screen was frozen. I was stalled in the middle of the track unable to move my car. Finally I was able to back out to the main menu. I attempted to change the settings but they were locked in Elite and the highest difficulty. I went to the dashboard (XBox home) and restarted the game. Nothing worked. I ended up deleting my game save and thus the hours of play time on the F2 series. I do not want to play a game that locks a paying user out of adjusting the difficulty. I am not sure if this is a common problem or bug. I searched the forum and did not find a similar subject. I would like to play the game but, it is futile if it is unplayable as you transition from level to level. I also would suggest that save points would be made accessible to the user so that instead of throwing out days of game-play; the user could go back to the previous GOOD save. Semper-Fi USMC Retired