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  1. Myself and Joe from Beaver And Chipmunk (a fellow YouTuber) talk about what we want in th game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxvPF804xAA
  2. Hi guys, I've set up a new community project to help the guys at Codemasters develop the new F1 2014 game by voicing the ideas of the people who know the game best (you guys). Each week I'll have a fellow F1 director giving their game ideas and hopefully the community guys here at Codemasters will recognise the project and take the ideas onboard (and give reasons for why they can't/won't include certain things in the game) For more information check out the YT link below (gives full details of the project) and when the first episode comes out I'll create a new thread so you guys can giv
  3. Hi guys, So Codemasters have brought us a new forum, so what better to tell you about a unique series on my YT channel that is a career mode series that starts on F1 2010 and runs all the way to F1 2013 Here is the first episode from Bahrain (this weekends grand prix) and i hope you like the video as much as the new forum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW5Eilw2Y-Q
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