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    Safety car and race strategy

    I suffered with that in F1 2019. But in 2020 I'm having 50% SC in races, but there are no accidents, just abandoning the race due to mechanical failures.
  2. Ronei2020

    Best moments of the race.

    Every race end there is the option to watch the best moments. But I thought, I would like to see the best moments of the race, to know for example, how Riccardo reached the podium after starting in 10th place, or Bottas finishing in 5th place, did he beat? etc.. I think it could be done like that, showing the overtaking and some accidents that are happening in the race. You could even add some kind of chart showing which driver passed and what position he would be taking at that moment. Do you think that would be really interesting? or just something that will not change much in immersion? It may just be that I like that.
  3. Ronei2020

    AI Difficulty

    I always leave the same difficulty for all circuits. But I realized that at Silverstone I don't pass anyone after the race started. I think the difficulty should be the same everywhere. Can this be considered a bug?
  4. Ronei2020

    Singapore? F1 needs to replace!

    It's full of action for those who drive the cars.
  5. Ronei2020

    In silverstone with the master LoL

    Learn how to fly in Silverstone, with the master haha I was happy to see him playing F1 codemasters. This means that the game is at a high level.
  6. Ronei2020

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    I do not understand very well. After level 30, will we still have other items to win?
  7. Ronei2020

    [1.06] Bottas did 13 Pit Stops

    I don't know how the thirteenth time, he didn't run over all the angry mechanics.😆
  8. He's driving this car. haha
  9. Ronei2020

    Classic F1 Season 2000

    I once went to play a classic car championship, but I was disappointed. I would like to play a championship with cars from the same season and with all the drivers of the season. Maybe a grid with F1 2000 or F1 2005 or 2006 etc. I would not ask for the circuits of the time, it would be asking a lot I know. And you, what do you think of that? Do you think that would be a good idea? Would it be possible for Codemasters to do a classic season?
  10. Ronei2020

    Weber and Butler

    Those two were so depressing for me, it was hard to see Weber winning races, after all! who is Lukas Weber? They could be two F2 drivers at the time, it would be a lot nice
  11. Ronei2020

    Question about F2 2020 and My Team mode

    Ok, really, some drivers are not in the game. for example Felipe Drugovich and Marino Sato
  12. Ronei2020

    Question about F2 2020 and My Team mode

    The F2 drivers are on my team, but the F2 teams are not.
  13. Ronei2020

    Which mode you playing?

    That's right. I had understood that. I just wanted to know if the grades, 10, 9.8, etc ... were data generated by the system. But I understood, that are the marks given by you, for your performance. How do you think this is developing on each circuit. On PC, how people can get mods for everything haha, so it was just a silly question.
  14. Ronei2020

    Which mode you playing?

    How did you get the data for that chart? is PC F1?
  15. Ronei2020


    I'm playing My team, with Nico Rosberg and Nobuharu Matsushita, my team is Toyota Gazoo Racing, with IA 85. See my car from the second season.
  16. Ronei2020

    Which mode you playing?

    I'm playing My team, with Nico Rosberg and Nobuharu Matsushita, my team is Toyota Gazoo Racing, with IA 85. See my car from the second season.
  17. Ronei2020

    75% race distance

    haha sorry, but i agree with you. I've always wanted 75% distance, and I don't understand why they never put.
  18. Ronei2020

    75% race distance

    Sim! que seria muito bom, eu sempre pensei que também
  19. OlĂĄ pessoal! Estou curioso para saber, qual Ă© a real importĂąncia da F1 dentro do mundo automotivo? A F-1 Ă© realmente a categoria da qual todos os pilotos querem participar? Vejo a F1 com altos valores de investimento, mas as equipes simplesmente nĂŁo podem ficar, o grid estĂĄ sempre com 10 equipes, com o perigo de perder uma equipe e ficar com 9, isso seria horrĂ­vel. É tĂŁo importante assim?
  20. Ronei2020

    Bug at the start?

    Na F1 2019, vocĂȘ tinha que ser bom para começar bem, mas na F1 2020 ou o que vocĂȘ fez, vocĂȘ pode ultrapassar muitos carros em grande escala. Todos eles começaram devagar.
  21. Ronei2020

    Bug no começo?

    Na F1 2019 vocĂȘ tinha que ser bom para começar bem, mas na F1 2020 o que vocĂȘ fizer, vocĂȘ pode ultrapassar muitos carros na largada. Todos eles começam devagar.
  22. Ronei2020

    rich mixture for many laps?

    Is it true that using a rich mixture for a long time will make the engine warm up and lose power?
  23. Ronei2020

    More customisable options in my team

    I agree. I would like to put my team's name on the car, just like the HAS car. And the flag I thought was a great idea.
  24. It would be cool to make a game mode, a separate championship in F1, a remarkable year of competition in real life, with all the cars on the grid and drivers of the time. Maybe in the year 2000 when Schumacher won, or from Ayrton Senna, or Alonso with his blue and yellow Renault. That would be a bomb and highlight for the next game, many would love to play!