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  1. Schneehase

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Actually I did not even have to, prior to the latest driver updates from NVidia. I ran nearly 100 fps without. Even with DLSS on now, i cant reach 90 fps consistently. Something significant must have changed, and its not the F1 2020 game. Since I run a seperate PC only for simracing, I dont suppose it is windows either, though that might still be the case if one of the latest updates had any performance impact. Edit - Gotta add, there still is potential in overclocking my CPU and GPU, but I did not have to during the last year. I would say my recent performance drop was about 10% minus in frames. It seems like NVidia drivers would "ensure" that older cards dont have too much performance versus their newer models released, however I am yet to test this with an older driver version. In any case, the point still stands that most of us will never benefit from raytracing in the F1 2021 game, unless we spend between 1.700,- and 2.500,- Euros for a new GPU. While I am not the poorest person on the planet, I can exclude this for me personally, I wont spend so much only to run a new graphics feature in a PC game. There is a point when too much becomes too much, no matter if you could afford it or not.
  2. Schneehase

    F1 2021 Car Performance

    1. Red Bull 2. Mercedes 3. McLaren 4. Ferrari 5. Alpha Tauri 6. Aston Martin 7. Alpine 8. Alfa Romeo 9. Williams 10. Haas It might be very close between 1+2 where as at the moment it seems the Red Bull car is stronger and so far only Lewis Hamilton assured that they seem equal. The competition between Bottas and Perez might show the cars performance better, than a comparison between the 2 current superstars of F1 / number 1 drivers of these teams. If I had to bet I would say if Red Bull will not make it this year, they never will: Honda engine is very strong (see Alpha Tauri...), they were "ready" right at the first race of the season, plus they had an edge in developing the car during last season versus their rival. So yes, in the end Red Bull will come out on top. Close call though. The same is valid between 3+4 here as others have already said. Today, McLaren seems slightly ahead, though over the season one might think that Ferrari has a bit more potential to catch up. Their driver lineup might be a tad stronger too, though it does not have an awful lot of experience. Alpha Tauri is right after the top 4 and once Tsunoda calms down a bit and Gasly finds his optimum again, the teams behind them will have a hard time to come out on top of them. If anything, the drivers of Alpine and Aston Martin might turn out more consistent than the ones at Alpha Tauri. For the time being, their cars are a lot worse though. Aston Martin seems to have a lot of funds and potential, however they seem to have more trouble to get their low rake car concept going than Mercedes. They also suffered some technical issues in all the testing and race weekends, once they sort these out their Mercedes Engine should give them the edge over Alpine. Short term, Alpine might even get ahead, but I dont suppose that could last long, unless Alonso licks blood and forgets about his real age... I dont think there is too much difference between Alfa Romeo and Williams now, but as the Alfa drivers are more consistent than Russell and "paydriver" Latifi, so are their cars - Kimi will secure more points than either of them, in an equal car. Williams will also lack the funds to develop the car much further and will fall back during the season. Haas will take and hold the last spot all year, and we all know. The only excitement there will be the question, how long Mazepin can hold on to a driver seat. If he continues as he started, that wont be long.
  3. Schneehase

    New Miami Track

    Isnt it amazing how fast modders are at this? Shame our F1 2020 game is not as much modable as other games are. I kind of like the layout, though it is yet to be seen how well this might integrate into the area given, being a street circuit. If you are looking to critique it, you might say it tries to be a bit of everthing, as many corners seem to remind of tracks already in existance. Then again, the "unique" tracks we all know as classics did take a lot of time to age... Edit: At 2nd glance, the DRS zone on the longest straight is just before the final turns into the start/finish straight, that might result in some interesting tactical racing during the final laps if things are close enough.
  4. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    As of these 3 quotes, we concur 100%. As for being a customer and this being the 2020 game forum, we should all speak out freely about out expectations and / or critique about the 2020 game. If we did not, how should developers be able to react to our feedback otherwise? That said, I sincerely think it is an absolute no-go to release an "official FIA" F1 game, and (pandemic or not) do not at least afterwards supply the tracks that were driven on IRL. Yes 2020 was a very special year and I am not blaming anyone. Hence, I did not demand nothing "free", I rather wrote I would even be willing to pay more for Imola and the like being released as a DLC for F1 2020. I "only" want to do what was intended previously, namely drive the F1 2020 championship in a game. I mean, just look at the new 2021 feature "real season start": what sense does this make at all, if the tracks in question are not included? None at all.
  5. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    Which may be the real problem under the pandemic as you need a team to be there doing the work. Not that in F1 2020 we had any laser scanned tracks though, correct me please if I should be mistaken.
  6. Schneehase

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    With the current availability and prices of last generation GPUs we might not be able to get to see these raytracing features at all. My 2070 super already has trouble to render the game in 3440*1440@100fps and encode this for streaming the same time, without raytracing. Bet you would need more than double the GPU power to lift that in addition.
  7. Schneehase

    2020 update

    If I recall correctly there has been an offical post in the "Bottas overpower" thread stating that at least drivers will not be updated any further. So I would not expect too much. Also, there wont be enough time until 2021 game release to throw in another season of podium pass, so it would not make much sense from a marketing point of view, either. Edit: see this one
  8. Schneehase

    f1 2021 - New Feature Reveals

    That is press speech. Lets be the judge when they show us more. 2-3 months ahead of a release it should at least be possible to show some in game footage. If you have anthing to show, that is.
  9. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    100% agree, and the same is valid for how much effort it costs to implement new tracks.
  10. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    I will give you an example. The F1 game series has an annual re-release. It was announced today, that in 2022 the miami street circuit will be included in the f1 calendar (by F1 boss Mr Domenicali). So, there is roughly 1 year+ of time until the 2022 version of the game will be released. Do we agree that is enough time to implement a new circuit into a game?
  11. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    How comes you know, are you from EA / codies staff 😄 ? It might be so, but on the other hand this pays off several times, as you can re-use that data in upcoming releases (hardly will an F1 circuit only be driven once, they all have contracts for several years in advance and all of that is commonly known) and even if not, tracks like Imola and Kanada etc are classics that can well be released in a track DLC, where you regain a lot of the development costs. Also, these tracks do exist in other games and there might be the possibility to buy other (laser-scan) data to have something to start with. Should not be the problem for EA, should it.
  12. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    This would not work anyway, see 2020 and all the circuits they never released. Would have been a great DLC to pay for though, "F1 2020 track pack" might have payed for it, if priced reasonably (and would still do, i am more likely to continue play F1 2020 than buy the new EA stuff). It is actually surprising FIA allows to call this "official F1 game" if not all tracks are included. Sure, 2020 pandemic year was "special" but for future iterations they should at least include the tracks that are in the official FIA calendar way before a season starts. If later due to covid-19 restrictions tracks are being swapped IRL, it would be ideal to have a (payed?) DLC in autumn, so you can at least re-play IRL F1 during the winter season.
  13. Schneehase

    F1 2021 two Player career

    It is the same with every single press text from Codemasters, none of those are precise or clear what exactly is being described. This can only be fully intentional, i cannot fathom press people working for a company this size / importance of press department for gaming industry unintentionally work this way (not to write work as sloppy). With "myteam mode" included in 2021 once again, it would be interesting to learn if you can run your "myteam" with a friend as your 2nd driver (not the AI only). If it was, that would be awesome, I asked for that in the thread where @BarryBL seemed to answer questions concerning the press release, but i did not manage to get an answer. From my POV this means he does not (yet) know. Mind you, they now fixed a release date, which they obviously have to concerning their legal situation, but they still released a vague / incomplete feature list along this, let alone that they will deliver tracks "later". It might well be they have to decided about / cut other features to make their release date, who knows.
  14. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    You wrote what I was thinking when i read the annoucement / watched the trailer. At 1st glance this seems disappointing, so I am eager to learn if the first impression would be correct, this time. About leaving, nah, this is the F1 2020 forums still, and I like that game. Might well be the community does a lot more editing and we just keep on playing that one^^ In case anyone finds a way to adress engine performance / driver performance settings, or AI behaviour passages in the code and how to edit those, PM me please.
  15. Schneehase

    F1 2021 game

    That means nothing more or less as that the game will be released without new tracks, they will not be ready. Given all the EA millions and the fact that we (= IRL F1) raced on these tracks already a year ago, i dont think that this is convincing me to preorder a game that i have neither seen any in game graphics, nor any other content from, yet. Also, as a PC player, do they really think I will buy a game that has enhanced graphics but only on xbox and playstation? lol And no, I dont plan getting an Origin account, if it does not work steam only it is not for me. Lets see if the PS5 buyers (actually I thought its hardly available) can carry the development costs alone. Especially so since forums are already full of the huge EA price increase in various countries. Well it is what we all expected when we learned about the sale to EA, so what and moving on.