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  1. It is not that i missed this point - it is more that this is not satisfying at all. Especially so in a full price title which is released anually. Basically this means you will never buy anything from the shop for pitcoins, and if you still do, you will have to spend RL money to catch up for the following season pass. Thank god their liveries are so dull and uninspired, imagine we could buy some SeanBull liveries, all my coins would be gone in a day. But lets advance from criticism to suggestions for improvement: What if you could choose between rewards (items) and pitcoins, while you advance through the season pass? This would allow you to buy from the shop from time to time, if you absolutely had to (like for that one helmet you relly intend to use) and you could still make the upcoming season perhaps, if you run a good balance between choice of items and choice of coins. I dont know about you, but time to time the season pass rewards dont seem too hot to me and i would gladly take a few coins instead. Why not let us trade them in (similar to "dusting" items in comparable game) - just some thoughts.
  2. @BarryBL Gotta say microtransactions in a full price title, especially so when you buy the game once every year do not seem to attract players. So i bought F1 2018, then F1 2019, then F1 2020 (which still has Ferrari the strongest engine lmao) and now it seems i will pay 5x to 6x more time RL cash until F1 2021 comes out. Hmm, I dunno. At least provide some means where people who play a lot can earn additional in game currency just by playing the game, not only by paying RL money. The latter might be ok for people who are rich and / or cant wait for anything, but give the poor guys who tend to play a lot at least some chance to catch up slowly (see Hearthstone, for example, where both ways work since years). Sure, you want to make more money from the franchise, but there are some better approaches, no? How about a DLC with the missing tracks of this years F1 season, i bet a lot of people would be willing to pay RL money for that? At least I would. My 2c, thanks for your time.
  3. Schneehase

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 27/08/2020

    Hi BarryBL, Hi Codemasters team, great steps into the right direction - I just wished you guys had fixed engine performance first, because frankly I do care less about Grosjean being 68 or 71 ratings, than i do care about Ferrari winning every 2nd race in my 2020 game, while in real life they finish 13th and 14th. It is so obvious that it hurts, and if FIA / Ferrari do not approve a nerf any time soon (which I would both understand and expect) then please do give us players the opportunity to SET ENGINE RATINGS ourselves. Thank you so much in advance and for this overall great game!
  4. Schneehase

    Realistic Car damage

    Could not agree more. Car too deep and riding bumps all the time = you should get slower and slower due to your floor damage. That said, even the higher level AI drivers crash into the players car way too often, in reality most F1 drivers will do everything to avoid contact by all means, since it would only ruin their session and endanger them (well, all but Magnussen at least^^). I would wish the devs would tweak the AI to drive less like autocross drivers, and more like "real" cautious F1 drivers.
  5. Schneehase

    Rikadin's Idiots Guide to modding in F1 2020

    Thank you for making the guide, linking it here! Looking foward what will be coming up on your channel.
  6. Hey Codemaster team and fellow wannabe F1 pilots, so, we are still missing out on the "performance patch" for the cars / engines / driver stats, which Barry mentioned would be in the works in one of his patch related postings. Perfectly understandable, this is a multi platform game and stability and bugfixes have to have priority. However, instead of fixing engine / car performance and implementing stats (or names, think Nico Hulkenberg e.g.) time to time, why not provide players with a simple editor instead? Does not even have to be in the game itself, as long as we can adress driver names, driver stats, engine stats and the like this would be sufficient and Codemasters would spare themselves discussions about nerfing Ferrari and the like. What do other players think, would you like to see such an editor, especially so in context with "myteam" and "career" modes?
  7. Schneehase

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    This is really awesome, thank you for implementing these liveries so fast. They are f-word awesome! Good job on the patches and updates for F1 2020 so far, as for someone who had preordered the game that kind of progress is really what you like to see. That being said, something I would call really urgent (at least as urgent as the cosmetic livery update) was a performance patch - Ferrari is just way too strong compared to the 2020 reality and especially so the engine manufacturer data in "my team" mode does not make any sense at all, as it is now. One might argue similar concerning driver statistics. Any chance the stats of engines / drivers will be adressed in an upcoming patch / shortly? Any chance to give us an editor / sliders of sorts to adjust performance values ourselves, so that you do not need to patch them in and avoid discussions as well? Gotta say I would love to see a survey held for engine and driver stats before you changed them, but that may only be me^^ As far as bugs go, times the game would blur my screen right during a race resulting me crashing into some wall or loosing car control because it was desperately looking for a lost online connection or sumsuch. It would be perfect if the game would pause racing during such an occurance and / or give us a chance to save the game in single player / career / myteam mode.
  8. Good job with the patch, that crash in time trial was really annoying. Hoping that black liveries for Mercedes will be added soon (tm). There may be mods for it, but a noob like me doesnt find out easily how to install these / use them properly. While I perfectly understand that it has no priority yet, (engine) perfomance values should at least reflect the fact, that the Ferrari engine had to be nerfed due to an agreement with the FIA end of last year. If this is the F1 2020 game, there is no way the Ferrari engine can be the best, strongest choice when founding "my team". For me this has the same priority as correcting the liveries. If Codemasters is neither willing nor allowed to tune down the Ferrari performance themselves, then why not let us have a slider or a menu where we can edit the engine performance / car performace to our own likings? On a different note, with so much to do under "my team" now, running this game on PC without mouse support is ridiculous, the buttons on my steering wheel are already broken. Cannot be that hard to implement mouse support in menus, or is it, any plans doing so in later 2020? Please? On a sidenote, if you guys made a DLC with the tracks that will be run in real life in 2020, but have not been implemented yet, I would perfectly be willing to spend a few bucks buying these in a DLC.