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  1. Schneehase

    most exciting race in "myteam" mode (with video)

    Since the initial uploads, I found a way to "persuade" youtube granting me a better codec and accepting a higher resolution from my streaming. Here are two recent videos which I told youtube they would be 2160p60 while I did stream both in 1440p60 wide. The first, shorter video was streamed with 60 fps while I was not sure my connection would handle this at all, the 2nd longer video was streamed with 30 fps and youtube seems to upscale this to 60 fps as well, resulting in a pixelation of the background from my POV. Any feedback from you on the quality of these streams would be highly appreciated - thanks (while you can ignore how I was driving...). Test 60 fps UHW wide: Test 30 fps UHD wide:
  2. Schneehase


    Here is the current design from my 2021 "March Engineering Team" youtube playthrough, using one of the latest liveries from the new podium pass:
  3. Schneehase

    Driver Ratings | End Of Season Update

    I doubt Codies use anything like that, they have some kind of meeting and discuss who votes what and thats that. OTOH if @BarryBL could reveal how they actually do it, this would be highly interesting. But he wont 😄 You have a point man, that if you add more stats like racecraft and so on, then you can reduce the complexity of the experience stat - though I would tend to call it "milage" or "years of service" then. Anyhow, I would prefer Codies let us edit the stats ourselves, there would be a forum voted result, a reddit result and so on, and we would get what we desired very quickly, without too much work for the developer, and they would not even have to discuss things or being critizied for decisions^^
  4. Schneehase


    These look awesome, thanks for sharing!
  5. Schneehase

    Driver Ratings | End Of Season Update

    Really? Well your effort making this table is highly appreciated, but in RL F1 there is so much more you gain experience from, than just plain race entries. In fact, race entries does not even equal milage, since a driver might have more technical issues or driver errors than another. That would be more like a "years of service" stat. You may draw experience from finishing races, from making points, from reaching podiums, from wins, from championships, from interaction with the media, from your teammate (e.g. Giovinazzi paired with Raikkonen), from switching teams, from having accidents, from tests / simulator / backup driver years and so much more. That said, I dont think that a driver with 100 GPs including 10 wins scattered over the years should have the same experience as another 100 GP runner who won 10 within 2 years and a title. In case one does not agree with the above, the "experience" stat should be renamed "GPs run" and then have a plain number used for more calculations. But to be honest, methinks it is way better the way it is - not saying, that some of the driver stats were not debateable: e.g. I dont see why Hamilton holding all the records, has all his titles and whatnot, always in a topteam and being team leader should have any less experience that Kimi. Looking at your table, Latifi has 17 times (!) the races run than Fittipaldi, and that gains him a 3 points advantage only? Bottom line I do not have any idea where you took that formular for calculating experience from, but it seems way too simple to me. It should take at least titles, wins, podiums etc into account.
  6. Schneehase


    Thanks, I agree, since I made the screenshot / Video I did actually already brighten the green a bit, not sure if enough. If you check the last minutes (time index 50 mins 30 secs) of my race video in Australia on youtube linked below, these are the race highlights - take a look and tell me if that is still too dark and I can adapt that a bit furhter.
  7. Schneehase

    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    @BarryBL nice to see another patch, however I do have 3 questions / requests remaining before I would consider the developers work "done" on the F1 2020 game: Is there any chance we will get more drivers (namely F2 drivers) as contractable drivers into myteam mode? Any chance we might get a fix for overtaking the safety car if we are lapped in a race and stuck behind the leader and the SC in front of him? Final point on the wishlist, engine manufacturers decals / sponsor stickers to put on our cars in myteam mode? Both issues have been requested multiple times and one would think that they are not impossible to implement into an annual full price game with microtransactions? In a perfect world the developer would also look into the issues with cheating in online races and time trials and the like, not that I am stil expecting this might actually happen.
  8. Schneehase

    Driver Ratings | End Of Season Update

    @BarryBL first off, thank you for the update - well you cant make everyone happy, thats for sure. But while I am not too fond of all this Bottas "bashing" around the web, I still have to admit that 99 awareness looks like a typo, best. What else is 99 in comparison, Kimis experience and? Given you noted these as the "final" driver updates I wondered why Codemasters neither had / has a fanbase vote on these stats to correct at least some of the stats that seem awkward when a game developer decides about them, nor implement a tool to let players mod driver stat in game themselves. If you would permit the latter, you would spare yourself a lot of work and criticism, plus I would bet the F1 community / fanbase would find the most popular driver stats within days after game release.
  9. Schneehase


    trying to recreate the March Engineering livery of the 90ies for another myteam playthrough on youtube
  10. Hi all, is that just me or is anyone else missing sponsor badges from engine manufacturers in myteam mode? So you select your engine start of the game / beginning of the year, once in a while there is a message about a performance upgrade during the year and that is about it concerning your engine supplies. Thats a little thin and so you hardly feel your engine choice being important to you, other than stats-wise. Bit of a missed opportunity here, I would prefer some kind of ribbon, some kind of small story / events which I follow through a season concerning my engine supplier. One thing that could be helpful would be a few sponsor decals, like we have them for all the fantasy brands at the moment: so i d start myteam, pick Honda as my engine, and in addition to the single sponsor that i can decorate on my car, there would at least be a Honda decal somewhere, that I could colorize. Anyone with me? Codies, is that too hard to implement, 4x engine supplier decals, or in there any problem concerning brands / licensing with such a wish? If not, addint those would be awesome. Might even be a solution if you let me design my own decal text in game, to be put on the car, even that would do. Please?
  11. Hi all, have you ever wondered, in myteam mode after you gave your interview replies, and after you selected your engine, how much of a laptime difference could occur, if you knew the best / worst choices in advance and if you had a chance comparing their impact / laptimes on track? Well at least I wondered, so here goes: In this youtube video (recorded in widescreen UHD, set to 1440p for best viewing quality) I started 2 fresh / new playthroughs with a "Team Bad Choices" and with a "Team Good Choices" going through all design and interview choices during myteam startup, went to Australia, loaded identical car setups and drove 2 qualifying laps with each car, as well as a 5 lap racing simulation with each car. The results were quite impressive / surprising, go see for yourself, and leave me a comment or thumbsup on my channel if you want to:
  12. Schneehase

    Podium pass 5?

    In game there is a message that the new podium pass will be released in 5 days. Now I would be curious if we get a patch along with this, and @BarryBL what it would contain, like a driver stats update, engine power update, some bug removals like safety car, blue flags and the like, and maybe F2 drivers available in myteam mode and sumsuch? Comeon, give us more hints. Most of us are in pandemic lockdowns and we would enjoy some headsup^^
  13. Schneehase

    most exciting race in "myteam" mode (with video)

    Hmmm - i had some really bad races lately, so reflecting on my video from the opening post somehow i cant fathom how i managed such a decent drive. Also, it was rather late in the evening, it seems it all came together that day. Alrite, I will make sure to post the next video when another interesting race occurs 😄
  14. Schneehase

    most exciting race in "myteam" mode (with video)

    Actually, talking about the livery i am using in myteam, here are some exampels I have been using earlier, let me know which you like best:
  15. Schneehase


    Here is a video of some of my liveries I have been using in myteam mode, feel free to leave a comment on my youtube channel...