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  1. Lets see, will give this version a try! EDIT: Have tried the white collie 2 version (file properties size 14115kb) and must say that I get even better results from using version size 14107kb. It might depend on the GPU or driver version used, but with my GTX 2070 super and NVidia drivers 511.23 I get way less ghosting with this older version than from white collie 2. Maybe you want to try it in comparison and verify?
  2. Is that supposed to mean "can not connect to one OR more players" or what is the meaning of "OF" in that context (sorry not english native speaker here)?
  3. I havent read about it in the list of fixes, but in a short test on PC / steam i was not kicked from ranked multiplayer lobbies any more. There seem to be fixes applied there also? That said, I could not see any icons displaying connectivity issues - it might be so, because none occured for my system, but somehow i would like to know.
  4. Well I have no clue what Codies are doing on their project, but from time to time it may pay off to look over the fence and see what other companies are doing. They may have stick to their own F1 game for so many years now, that they really think that is the best they can do. I would say though that if rain and speed impression in a 15 year old game can be as impressive as linked above, they should reconsider things. Given how much it rains in F1 2021 these drops on the visor, on the car, that spray etc need a rework so badly - and it will pay off, because this can be kept for all future itera
  5. I am not sure it is that easy from a developers POV, though I would be interested to learn more about that. Because looking back at a full season, like we can do at the moment, is different to the moment the game is released. But yes, it would be nice if we got some fine tuning to AI track times as soon as the season is over.
  6. Hmm, that either means we all like a challenge or we drive faster than the average IRL F1 driver. I doubt the latter is true 😄
  7. Interesting. Would also be interesting to see this compared to F1 2020. F1 2020 had patches until version 1.19 didnt it, so that would be a few more to go for 2021 as well. I would be eager to know if that was roughly the plan @BarryBL 🙂
  8. Dream on, it will not be in the game, neither this year, not next year. And I do not know how many times I wrote that I would want Istanbul Park to be in this game, since IRL F1 drove there in consecutive year, plus it is a very interesting track to say the least. The argument has always been and will always be that Istanbul never was on the official FIA F1 calender, and again not is there for 2022, though they will drive there again this year, just as in the previous 2 or 3 years. Shame as it is, but that is what to expect from Codemasters - you can blame FIA for it though, since they al
  9. A "working as intended" safety car is so damn overdue in this game... Let alone that Jeff tells me "you can overtake the safety car" when I have already passed it or it is 50m in front of me...
  10. Thanks for the pointer, I have corrected the OP. Given the lack of computing and GPU power compared between 2007 and now, the visual experience including the "feeling of speed" that you get by only looking at this 2007 footage, is insane. Checking that old in game footage, you start to wonder how developers manage to implement rain / water / spray as bad as we currently have it in F1 2021.
  11. Ok Codies, now here is a small example what rain, raindrops on a visor, and spray coming from F1 cars should look like in an F1 game. Please copy paste into F1 2022 game, thank you. Hint: the F1 game shown is from 2007 (!) PS3 footage. That was the year the iPhone was first introduced, and we had Windows Vista and GPUs like NVidias 8800 GT. Enough said. Anyone feel embarrassed now?
  12. Hmm, it has really been long since the last patch we had. From previous experience with the game / logic, the next podium pass will open soon, can only be a few days away, and the next patch should come along? The OP is correct, the 2021 iteration of the game still needs several severe issue to be adressed. The potential is there but Codemasters have not yet managed to make the best of things.
  13. Someone is angry 😄 at least I was lol reading it
  14. As for now i still have my hopes they continue patching F1 2021, as it still needs a lot of work to come close to the expectations when buying it. I dont care about 2022 because it wont be released an patched into a somewhat decent state before October / November 2022, if we take last years game as the benchmark.
  15. You guys are a bit late, the handling model has been changed in patch 1.12 (in order to fix the drifting exploit) about mid of october 2021. Break balance has moved to 50/51% since then, if you talk about what simracers are using in general.
  16. Maybe someone has an opinion on the Russell stats issue as well? Or is that just me? And about the margin between VER and HAM being a bit too close in pace stat?
  17. Agreed, a F1 grid 2022 without Lewis would seem awkward. With Kimi gone as well, that would be quite a few championships driving about less. But: Terrible way to finish - from a fan point of view, or from Lewis POV? His view on the season might be different than a fans - he has certainly done everything his team and he himself would expect and demand from him, both as a driver and a person. To continue on the "retirement" argument, it was the very same discussion last year when they were (officially) negotiating a new contract with Lewis. Toto Wolff said in an interview with Austrian
  18. Can not comply - no championship is won in a single race, let alone in a single lap. Max had to be there race after race, lap after lap, even in times when his tyre blew without his fault, or when his competitor shunted him into the wall / hospital, or when Valtteri played at skittles... He never faltered, he never gave up. Given his age, his speed, his will, his determination, his focus were beyond awesome (and I am not even a fan). If you really need a translation for that @AgusNC quote above: Max won the title (and rightfully so) because he was the fastest driver over the whole season.
  19. True, as a fan of the F1 franchise I cannot make a difference (eventhough I am trying my best on the forums here, reputation wise). As a customer, I have a choice though. Unfortunately that is the solely language that is being heard these days.
  20. Which is one reason why an annual full price title is a bad idea. Even a large developer like Codemasters backed by EA has trouble to finish the product in this dimension for so many platforms year after year. Delays are getting longer, game content is being streamlined, issues like this one are being neglected. If on the other hand you had a title that you sell once, and keep alive with 3-4 DLCs every year, it might be easier to keep up with the changes needed, plus it would somewhat force the developer to correct what is game / immersion breaking, because it would pay off continously. As it
  21. Best argument! Humans the world over consume drugs and wreck / kill themselves with. Does not mean everybody has to like drugs, not to speak of buying them, or liking that particular business model. To be less dramatic, the former "success" of other gaming companies trying to turn established franchises into micro transaction business models in PC gaming speaks for itself: Short time share holder value, long term loss of the whole franchise and / or developer and its reputation. Works better with "throwaway games" on mobiles, might work with pocket money of kids on phones and console
  22. Yeah I understand some here are keen on part 2 of breaking point being released with the 2022 game, some are already discussing team choices... (lol?)
  23. Simple answers: "Streamlining" of games. Classic cars? Short courses? Save game slots? Damage model? F1 sprint qualifying? Correct F2 race format? Working multiplayer (ranked) lobbies? Working leagues? In game telemetry? Nah... Releasing unfinished games: We have been charged a full price title year after year, with quite a price increase in many markets last year. On the other hand, we received an unpolished, not to write unfinished product last time, which has multiplayer issues even today, eventhough we waited for several tracks and F2 car lieveries until nearly the IRL championsh
  24. "Clash of the titans - errrr of the mods". If anyone wants to see my replay, I can upload it. I was driving in front of them 2 laps before the end. Unfortunately in a multiplayer replay, there is no camera pointing backards and you can not switch the camera to different cars. Still, you get an idea of what happened. Might add, I am quite ok with p5 given that I always drive with all assists off. Was also penalty free. If I had not smashed my front spoiler into UP100 s car during early virtual SC (not his fault he was going slow before turn 3, he probably had to slow down to stay "green")
  25. to quote wikipedia: Network File System (NFS) is a distributed file system protocol originally developed by Sun Microsystems (Sun) in 1984,[2] allowing a user on a client computer to access files over a computer network much like local storage is accessed. NFS, like many other protocols, builds on the Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call (ONC RPC) system. NFS is an open IETF standard defined in a Request for Comments (RFC), allowing anyone to implement the protocol. Have you tried opening them with a webbrowser? Probably needs a plugin or sumsuch?
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