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  1. JordiBouman

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Or this beauty: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDejH2vDQ0a/?igshid=1psvbp5dxflgz
  2. JordiBouman

    Combine mfd functions

    Exactly that flexibility is what I’m looking for.
  3. JordiBouman

    Combine mfd functions

    Can it be possible to combine certain mfd functions as presets? Example: On the straight at spain before T10 I want to switch brake bias to 55% and diff to 80% with one press on a button and switch back to default straight after.
  4. JordiBouman

    F1 2020 pedal deadzone issue.

    Thanks. That fixed it
  5. JordiBouman

    Fanatec Wheel Display Tuning

    Gear makes so much more sense than speed. Don’t understand why this is not default.
  6. JordiBouman

    F1 2020 pedal deadzone issue.

    Same issue for me, but only on throttle. Using HE sprints.
  7. JordiBouman

    TV-pod as an assist.

    Triple screen support would be the dream
  8. JordiBouman

    TV-pod as an assist.

    This is exactly what I want
  9. JordiBouman

    TV-pod as an assist.

    Exactly this.
  10. JordiBouman

    TV-pod as an assist.

    Maybe “assist” is the wrong wording as I feel it ****** a lot of people off. However, if you want to set up a league with everything as realistic as possible it would be nice to be able to restrict the POV positions.
  11. JordiBouman

    TV-pod as an assist.

    I disagree with that statement. It’s much easier to spot the apex
  12. JordiBouman

    VR support?

    I think a ton of people have been asking for VR for years but just gave up on it. The best you can do is to go triples.
  13. JordiBouman

    TV-pod as an assist.

    You do have the right to play like you want, but let’s say people want a league which is closest to reality then there’s an easy way to cheat since cockpit view can’t be enforced. TV-pod is better than cockpit view so the reason e-sport drivers use it makes a ton of sense.
  14. JordiBouman

    TV-pod as an assist.

    Why would people be against this?? You don’t have to drive in a league which enforces cockpit view..?! I can only imagine that people who enjoy cockpit view more would like an option for a fair playground. There might not be tons, but should be a fairly simple feature to implement.