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  1. CactusJax90

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Still haven’t started a My Team save as I was waiting for the performance update. If as expected it won’t be applied to that mode then that’s a terrible decision. Just have to look at the reaction on Twitter. Unbelievable.
  2. CactusJax90

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    All it said in that other thread was it’s coming soon. At the same time on Twitter they were still saying first half of October. This is the first time we’ve had actual confirmation that isn’t going to happen.
  3. CactusJax90

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Amazing that it’s took all this for us to get some confirmation on the patch delay. Why this couldn’t have been communicated sooner I don’t know. But hey at least we’ve got Esports right lads.
  4. CactusJax90

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Judging from the twitter page they care more about Esports than anything else. Unfortunately I’m sure the majority of the player base don’t care one bit about that and would rather have a functioning game they can play themselves.
  5. CactusJax90

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    As others have said, the fact we haven’t received a patch is frustrating. It’s the complete lack of communication as to why or when we might get it is the really disappointing thing. Not good enough is it?
  6. CactusJax90

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    This is verging on disgraceful from Codemasters. They’ve constantly reassured us the performance patch would be out in the first half of October. Now we’re only hours away from that time frame being over there’s nothing. And to make it worse they’ve completely stopped all communication.
  7. CactusJax90

    Where is the performance update?

    Go and have a look at F1 Game’s latest tweet about 1.08, then look at the replies. Then come back to me about people feeling like they’re being ignored.
  8. CactusJax90

    Where is the performance update?

    What’s the point of reporting bugs? I’ve done 3 since release and each one has been ignored and not a single fix imminent. Developers still getting away with releasing unfinished games.
  9. CactusJax90

    Where is the performance update?

    Mate they can’t fix simple bugs that have been there since release. I wouldn’t hold out to much hope for a performance update anytime soon.
  10. CactusJax90

    Time trials

    Yep all the time
  11. Edit: It appears the engine sound bug has been fixed.
  12. Can’t wait for ‘hardcore’ gamer Mike to laugh at George Russell for his clearly inferior driving skills.
  13. Nothing wrong with using the racing line. Not everybody has 100s of hours spare to learn the perfect braking point etc for every circuit. Let people play how they want.
  14. Think you’ve probably just been a bit unlucky there. Racing point are the best team in my save, Halfway through season 2. Red Bull the 8th best team etc.
  15. Not holding out much hope as this years game is riddled with issues that don’t seem to be getting fixed anytime soon, but I haven’t seen this one mentioned yet.