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  1. Zakarex

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    Yeah I agree I would like it! Well I guess not ‘like’ it, but it would be cool and frustrating and more realistic. What happens when your your engine gets to 100%? I’ve never let it happen yet!
  2. Zakarex

    IA drivers give only one try in the qualifier.

    I feel like the driver’s ‘at risk’ should be going back out, it seems weird for them not too.
  3. I agree, I got a 3 second penalty the other day, I was the filling of a 3 car sandwich, no where to go! I checked the race director I got a penalty the other two (who crushed me) got warnings. 😤
  4. Zakarex

    Kubica - please

    Because he is a test driver now. 🤨 Although it would be cool to have him in the game with like some other f1 drivers who haven’t got a drive (Hulkenburg) to be signed up for teams In the career.
  5. Zakarex

    Help! Fuel consumption programme

    Thanks very much! I didn’t really think about trying it In fp2! I will try these things!! 😎
  6. Zakarex

    Help! Fuel consumption programme

    I’m struggling with the fuel consumption practice program, any one have any tips that will make be able to complete it? I’m getting very close, but either am too slow for the min lap time or using too much fuel! Any advice that will help me improve would be lovely! Thanks! 😁
  7. I’m getting the CE 34878 0 code, ive only tried doing split screen on Paul Ricard with the f2 cars. All three times I’ve tried it crashes just as it starts loading. Just tried a single F1 race at the same circuit, and it was fine. Hope you fix it, I only upgraded to play couch co op really!!