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  1. I figured there would be. I didnt bother looking cuz i was too lazy and just wanted to express my frustration and move on lmao
  2. I’m trying to finish these podium pass challenges before they all run out. Problem is that they aren’t updating, so currently it’s impossible for me to complete the series challenges. Specifically, the weekly event race challenge pertaining to “Drive 60 miles in weekly event races.” I did one race several hours ago today and it still hasn’t updated at all, telling me I have 0/60 miles driven. Sucks cuz i wanted this livery.
  3. Angelosophy

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Months?? It’s been a month and a half dude. You make it seem like youve been waiting for an update since the winter. Get over yourself and stop complaining man. They put out a great game.
  4. Angelosophy

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Go ahead and program a video game for everyone to enjoy. It’s so simple that anyone can do it if it’s just copy and paste right? So go ahead and take the code for F1 2019 and create the perfect 2020 that YOU so desperately NEED. Why complain about something so insignificant?
  5. Angelosophy

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Are you the type of person who goes to restaurant and complains if your steak isn’t cooked to the exact temperature, consistency, and juiciness that you like it to be? Cuz that recipe is just copy and paste from the last steak they cooked for you that you liked. Also, I dont know if you’ve noticed, but there’s 100 new things about this game that didn’t exist in the last one.
  6. Angelosophy

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    You realize these people are on a schedule right? It’s not exactly a walk in the park to program a video game perfectly, especially considering the people doing it are still human beings who are capable of error. If youre gonna get mad at anyone, get mad at the brass who are demanding new games be released on a tight schedule. The devs are slaving over their code so people can enjoy the product. Have some sympathy man. And like I said, other devs just choose to outright ignore their forums and feedback, so be grateful. Also, a movie??? Seriously, that’s the comparison?? All you have to do in a movie is plan, film, edit. Video games are not comparable to movies. Have you ever coded anything? If there’s a bug present and you fix it, you’re liable to break the rest of the code, so it takes a bit of skill. Movies aren’t interactive pieces of evolving circumstances that allow people in other parts of the world to not only interact with each other, but also compete with one another so you’re reeeeaaaaaallllllly comparing apples to oranges on that one my friend.
  7. Angelosophy

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Is that really necessary to say? We just got a direct response from a dev, why be ungrateful for that? Most other game developers are either radio silent about what they’re gonna fix or they just don’t fix what the people are asking them to. This man is a blessing.
  8. Angelosophy

    TV-pod as an assist.

    Ummmm I beg to differ. This game is meant to function as a training simulator for the people who drive the actual F1 cars in the game. The cockpit view is literally how you ecperience the F1 car the way drivers do. I’m sorry but everything you’re saying is just wrong and unproductive.
  9. Angelosophy

    TV-pod as an assist.

    The racing line doesnt affect the performance of the car or “the outcome of the race” by your logic either. Yet its still an assist, because the racing line DOES affect the outcome of the race bu maing it easier to drive on the track for people who don’t know braking zones. Cockpit view doesn’t affect the performace of the car, but it definitely affects the performance of the driver, so it DOES also affect the outcome of the race by making it slightly harder to drive on the track. When you have that extra 45 or so degress of elevation outside of the cockpit to see the track and the corners, it makes a massive difference. Not only this but the halo column is beyond impeding, and we don’t have the luxury of tilting our head to one side or another to get around it like the real drivers do (unless this game goes vr i guess). I mean there are challenges in the game to play in cockpit view with the halo column on so that to me says that playing in that style is a challenging way to play the game. So it make sense to make it an assist that could be enforced in your lobbies, much like traction control, brake assist, and the racing line. Only it would be difficult to gauge what that assist contains. Would the options be “cockpit view” and “no restriction” Or would you be able to enforce other views like near chase, tv pod offset, far chase, etc. But moral of the story is that people who dont play in cockpit view are at a drastic advantage compared to people who do. If someone joins a match where everyone is playing without brake assist but they have heavy brake assist, their times are going to suffer compared to people who dont have that same assist. But if someone joins a match where everyone is in cockpit view and they arent (assuming they all have the same driving ability), then they are going to have a much easier time racing on any given track.
  10. Angelosophy

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    I have crackiling too, but it’s usually only when Jeff tries telling me something while I’m using a headset. He doesn’t come through at all. So when it’s his cue to say “box this lap” or something, all I get is crackling audio. You guys can try to see if that’s part of the issue too. If you issue a command the response is just a crackle for me.
  11. Angelosophy

    Help me

    As you race in career modes, your engine and gearbox accumulate wear if you don’t replace them. Engine components can be replaced any time before qualifying if you use Parc Fermé rules (Once your car is set for qualifying Parc Fermé stops you from making major changes between qualifying and the race). Gearbox can only be changed every 6 races without a penalty. So you have to manage the components of your engine. You can tab through the career menu screen to get to “Vehicle” and then you’ll see “Power Unit” and “Gearbox.” This is where you fit new components on your engine and change your gearbox. It’ll give you prompts as to whether or not making these changes will incur any penalty. You can also change all this during practice or before you go out onto the track in qualifying. When you’re sitting in your car in the garage, and you have those monitors on your car, you can look for the same things. It won’t say “Vehicle” here, but you can find all the engine stuff under the icon that looks like a screwdriver and wrench. Hope this helps
  12. Angelosophy

    A complete newbie (PS4)

    Absolutely get it! I’m not a huge racing game fan, but I’ve just become addicted to F1. The multiplayer is definitely fun, and I spend most of that time doing unranked. But the myTeam mode that they added with 2020 is a great spin on the driver career. It lets you manage your own team, overseeing finances, driver contracts, facility upgrades, sponsorships and the like, and it’s a super fun way to practice and learn what controls work for you and how to drive each track. Then you can take all that to multiplayer and continue enjoying the game.
  13. I think it makes sense that you guys added the prompt, but does it have to be RIGHT in the middle of the screen? I took a turn too wide in Silverstone, just a tad off the track, and it wasn’t anything that required a flashback. The flashback prompt completely threw me off, and I almost missed the next turn because it was covering my view of the track. Could you guys just shift it to the upper portion of the screen, so it isn’t blocking the track?
  14. Angelosophy

    Podium pass and game cycle?

    They’re releasing a yearly game, yes, but they’re also releasing a yearly sports game. That means they have to pay their own employees plus having to pay the actual drivers of F1 for using their likeness in the game. My intuition tells me that it’s not exactly cheap to make these types of games. So what they have a season pass? What difference does it make to you if you don’t get it? You don’t get the new liveries. Big whoop. If you want the liveries so bad, then shell out $10 and support the people that make a game that you enjoy playing, because the video game industry overall is pretty predatory. There are games with a season pass that force you to keep buying currency to keep getting their season pass. THAT’S predatory. This one gives you 1000 extra coins for completing it. AND to top it off, IT’S ALL COSMETIC ITEMS. This is what I hate about the season pass complaints. Yes they’re charging you for in-game content that could in theory be free, but they’re a company and the items they’re giving you DON’T IMPACT ANYONE’S PERFORMANCE. So who cares.
  15. Angelosophy

    A few quality of life improvements

    So first off let me say I absolutely love F1 2020. It’s the only racing game that’s really gripped me. Playing the game’s multiplayer has highlighted some small areas of improvement that seem like they don’t matter at all (and honestly they won’t make the racing experience different), but will just make things less tedious in terms of accessibility. - Currently, there’s no way to view the podium pass and challenges from the multiplayer lobbies. Make the podium pass and the challenges as well as the stuff that comes with it accessible while in a multiplayer lobby. -Along with this, there’s no way to customize your character or your livery from the multiplayer lobbies. It’d be nice to be have one livery/suit for one race and then for the next use a different one. -I feel like it would also be nice to add an unranked safety rating. Maybe that one could be seperate from the ranked safety rating, but currently there’s no way to tell whether someone is driving like a jag on purpose or if they just made a mistake that wound up spinning you out. -Add more levels to the podium pass I think the XP requirement is perfect, and the challenge system is awesome the way it is. But I flew through the 30 levels and now I’m sitting here twidling my thumbs. In regard to the suggestions about cosmetic stuff, currently there’s no way to change any of it while in a lobby. If you want to change it, you have to leave the lobby you’re in and begin a search for a new one or start a new one of your own. Both prospects are not exactly smooth riding. Anyway, I love all the upgrades from 2019, and I’m happy you guys decided to add a podium pass. Some people might disagree, but microtransactions on cosmetics are a good revenue source for you and add another layer for the community. Especially with the way your podium pass is set up, it’s basically a one time fee to get access to earned cosmetics. I know some games that force you to buy extra currency to get their pass again even if you complete all the levels, so I’m really glad you guys opted to give us an extra 1000 coins at the end of it.