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  1. I figured there would be. I didnt bother looking cuz i was too lazy and just wanted to express my frustration and move on lmao
  2. I’m trying to finish these podium pass challenges before they all run out. Problem is that they aren’t updating, so currently it’s impossible for me to complete the series challenges. Specifically, the weekly event race challenge pertaining to “Drive 60 miles in weekly event races.” I did one race several hours ago today and it still hasn’t updated at all, telling me I have 0/60 miles driven. Sucks cuz i wanted this livery.
  3. Months?? It’s been a month and a half dude. You make it seem like youve been waiting for an update since the winter. Get over yourself and stop complaining man. They put out a great game.
  4. Go ahead and program a video game for everyone to enjoy. It’s so simple that anyone can do it if it’s just copy and paste right? So go ahead and take the code for F1 2019 and create the perfect 2020 that YOU so desperately NEED. Why complain about something so insignificant?
  5. Are you the type of person who goes to restaurant and complains if your steak isn’t cooked to the exact temperature, consistency, and juiciness that you like it to be? Cuz that recipe is just copy and paste from the last steak they cooked for you that you liked. Also, I dont know if you’ve noticed, but there’s 100 new things about this game that didn’t exist in the last one.
  6. You realize these people are on a schedule right? It’s not exactly a walk in the park to program a video game perfectly, especially considering the people doing it are still human beings who are capable of error. If youre gonna get mad at anyone, get mad at the brass who are demanding new games be released on a tight schedule. The devs are slaving over their code so people can enjoy the product. Have some sympathy man. And like I said, other devs just choose to outright ignore their forums and feedback, so be grateful. Also, a movie??? Seriously, that’s the comparison?? All you have to do in a
  7. Is that really necessary to say? We just got a direct response from a dev, why be ungrateful for that? Most other game developers are either radio silent about what they’re gonna fix or they just don’t fix what the people are asking them to. This man is a blessing.
  8. I have crackiling too, but it’s usually only when Jeff tries telling me something while I’m using a headset. He doesn’t come through at all. So when it’s his cue to say “box this lap” or something, all I get is crackling audio. You guys can try to see if that’s part of the issue too. If you issue a command the response is just a crackle for me.
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