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  1. Do yourself a favour and buy F1 2020 instead 👍
  2. Some the replies here are a big WOW. Absolutely no concept or understanding for how the average player plays the game. None at all. If you can’t enjoy a racing video game because the cars are very difficult to drive then how is it anything other than unplayable? 😂
  3. Blurry picture, but this is what I’m rocking.
  4. Hi all, Just wanted to post a little bit of a rant & see if anyone is experiencing the same as me playing this game. For context - even though I buy this game every year, I still consider myself more of a casual player as I play on controller with automatic gears. I play with no other assists except for race starts and traction control. I’m finding this years edition of the year so unenjoyable. I’ve always hovered around the 90-100 AI difficulty. My car in ‘My Team’ is fully maxed, yet I find driving the car so difficult despite lowering the difficulty. Race Starts: I might
  5. Wait until they balance the team’s performance accurately. It’s all over the place currently, with Mercedes clear of Red Bull probably being the most clear example of inaccuracy.
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