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  1. Suppose. I could give up crossplay for a penalty system that works properly.
  2. Hi all. Any news on the chances of F1 2021 being crossplay? Recently bought an Xbox Series X as its the more suitable console for me but some of my race friends are on PS5. Would be great to not have to buy another console just for F1. DIRT 5 has got my hopes up!
  3. The penalties on strict mode are ridiculous on some tracks. I get running all 4 wheels off the tracks, and I completely agree. However, mounting kerbs with 2 wheels off is commonplace and constant 3 second time penalties for it is starting to take the **** to the point I'm considering selling the game and calling it time with the F1 series games. For example, the second lesmo at Italy. Mount the inside kerb on entry is fine... but on exit if you use all the green kerb or even the majority of it you get a penalty. This is beyond stupd as there is gravel if you go any further, it punishes y
  4. Ah ok. Thanks for your replies guys appreciate it.
  5. Does completing the free practice change any mappings towards your driving style or is it all default maps?
  6. Thanks for the reply. That is a bit of a shame - I feel quite hampered by the lack of control. Just out of interest - why is there a function to have ERS + and - assigned to the controls? Is there any situations where this is actually useable? I find that the overtake button uses a lot of ERS energy - as it should - however it takes an age to build back up in 1 (Medium) whereas in the last game it could be lowered to 1 (Low) to charge at a much quicker rate. I appreciate F1 drivers had input and the game is in the most part much better but we are not F1 drivers and it would be nice to ha
  7. Hi everyone - firstly hope everyone is doing well in these difficult times and keeping safe. Sorry in advance if this has been covered but I can't find an answer to this question. In F1 2019, I used to lower ERS down to 1 or even 0 during certain sectors or even the majority of the lap to build up battery power to mount an attack or go for the fastest lap at the end of the race. In the new 2020 game, although I am loving the addition of the Overtake button, I can't seem to get the ERS to manually increase or decrease to charge the battery more and it seems locked to either Medium or Overt
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