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  1. Balancing this is a real problem, but for season 4 I found out, that it was best for me to go down by 2 or 3 at AI level, with that I was able to compete with mclaren and Mercedes (and my teammate) mine and the two others are maxed out
  2. A question to you guys having these issues: Besides the fact that I have the issue as well (PS5) Do you have also the problem which I am facing when I see other frontwings in tcam view the end plates also flickering up and down? Would be interesting to know. Maybe it is something about settings or the same visual bug
  3. What are your settings for the tyre pressure? Maybe they adjusted something so that it is not possible to drive with the highest pressures (which of course makes sense)
  4. Finally someone, who has the same issue: I have this thermal effect as well! On Interviews, in pre-race when the grid is shown (the flag looks strange with this thermal effect) and after sessions when I see the R&D points or money listings with my two drivers for example in myTeam. I am playing on PS5 as well, I have a 4k 60FPS Samsung Monitor with 27''. When I turn off HDR on the game and/or on the PS5 everything is fine, and as @GizT7 says it doesn't effect gameplay that much, but it looks really strange to me
  5. Oh Yeah, I don't think so, I didn't saw any other files on the cloud, but I will check back later, otherwise I have to Start again... The good thing is I don't need to Do AI setting quali before, because I already have done that now, maybe I will find some motivation in the next week
  6. I am playing on PS5 and also directly checked my online saves but it was already synchronized with my local storage, and there was only the base file of f1 2021 no specific file for my Team or any career save file, but I will check again later on and have I Look into it, where did you See those Auto save files?
  7. I will add something as a warning to All of you: Because of the low amount of Option for saves I had the following issue: I had one myteam save, Played 5 races, after the last race, I left and wanted to have a Look on the other career settings, coop and the others, and my myteam save got overwritten although I haven't started any New career, I am so sad about it, because these 8 hours of play time (with some AI adjustments including before) will never ever be back!
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