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  1. Hi guys, I am new here to this forum. And I don't know, if some people here already shared the improvements I would like to have on Codemasters F1 2020 game, especially on my new favorite mode My Team. Using the search functionality doesn't even help me 😄 Also tweeting every week and name calling Codemasters and the Formula1game Twitter Accounts wasn't working. Therefore, I decided to share my ideas here 😄😊 Well, long introduction. My wishes for the F1 2020 My Team Mode Brand logo of power unit supplier on the car and driver suit (as it is in real-life) Pirelli brand logo on the car and driver suit (as it is in real-life) Perfect for both would be the option where to put these logos in the menue of the livery I know it is harder to integrate, but changing the style of the front wing or the nose. It would be enough for me when I have the possibility to choose between three or four standard designs. (Maybe some of them inspired by mercedes, renault or Red bull) Also some style changes to the barge boards would be nice as well (same suggestion here with the way how it could work for the front wing/nose) More customization for the logo, maybe a logo editor. In other games it is possible as well (for example creating an own emblem in COD More drivers as options, for example a Free agent Niko Hülkenberg! Think most of the community would be happy about something like this And maybe more options in the livery design in general, but this would be a wish for the F1 2021 game Feel free to add more! I hope some of them will find their way to the game this year or maybe next year for sure! 😄