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  1. While it's good to always move to simulation, sometimes there needs to have some gameplay compromises. Also, some tracks becomes really interesting the fuel management now, and better than mix curve to curve basis. Can be better? Always, but it's something on the right track i think.
  2. Sorry, as a fellow ps4 user, it didnt happen to me yet, is it in a particular track?
  3. I think its about time they make the kg of fuel available during training and race so ourselves can do the math.
  4. I would drive my vacuum cleaner if it sounded like that
  5. I feel a lot better with traction, though I feel a bit with understeer sometimes. The 2021 AI seems to be the same as the performance in 2020 with the cars, so some corners they fly where the rest they feel like the nominal AI.
  6. Unfortunately thats a gameplay compromise they made. But you can do race strategy with softs.
  7. 13 sets, 1 hard and 1 medium goes to the race. 6 from free practice most worn ones goes back. Thats 5 sets remaining. One of it is a medium. I dont know if its mandatory, but on sprint its all softs. From traditional races i dont know if you need the medium one or a team can make a choice, but does it need 5 softs?
  8. Are you guys running contracts mode? Hows the season end?
  9. Nose cam is awful imho. I go cockpit view and the halo doesnt hinder me much, but tbh i have never tweaked with the câmera settings on the new cam, but by default I seek distance
  10. Hichel18

    Patch 1.05

    Unfortunately the limited save slots and one slot for gp does shows how much the champ mode could be missed
  11. Greetings, we have driver ratings for the real drivers, but does it exist something for the AI that takes over a driver that lost the connection? Or its just the AI level?
  12. While times can differ, the position should be expected if it worked like before, so you will be quicker in qualy, but should run ok the expected position usually. But the AI are nasty in qualy this year, especially in some heavy aerodynamic tracks
  13. Theres no need to turn on TC because the spin is not really by the transfer of power to the wheels, by the time TC kicks in hes already midspin. But, a smoother throttle can mitigate the kerb agressiviness. In relation to setup i use very soft susps, i think 3 2? Something like that and 4 6 in height. I attack these corners thinking on how straight can i make the car be. Might not be the fastest, but ive been pretty stable on it
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