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  1. Seeing the China example in f1 2021, there is some room that could be worked, especially considering how erratic the f1 calendar has been in the pandemic years. I would not mind if the game behaved like it is now, first season always the official season in full calendar, then you could do your touch from season 2 onwards and all clear for the tracks in other modes, as does f2 with their f1 made calendar as well. Is it worth as a business move? I dont know, but that would really add value to the game
  2. To be honest I found Monza easier than most tracks against the AI. I would say something more related with the setup or the Alpine engine being the worst part of the reason. Ive been playing on standardized 100 recently
  3. As far as I know, there is only limited voice dictation features on the ps5, so voice command is still a future feature for the system, which might be the reason it doesnt have in the game.
  4. If it is not losing the ffb I would say that its clearly a problem. I remember much discussion about the loss of ffb in earlier games
  5. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.qualifying-engine-modes-what-are-the-proposed-changes-and-why-do-they-matter.OI3cSGqWS6mONcBHUFncL.html This one seems to explain fairly well the reasoning without going too technical
  6. It seems that aggressiveness is related to the difficulty so its most likely to make a mistake at higher levels unless there is a threshold that makes the AI more consistent too in the ultimate difficulty
  7. Drs stuck closed, stuck open. Ers glitch, tyre temperature sensors failure
  8. As working on the idea as well, is make progress more fluid, or, at the very least, let the driver have all of its money to invest in stats, personal facilities. On the simulator department make it progress faster, not just a flat bonus.
  9. If I remember correctly you do not carry over the rd, theyre for the team
  10. Hichel18


    This years career i went with the following: Tweak setup during the practice programmes; Go with what I have to the race. Not always it Will give me an ideal race condition, but im not an expert on setups and racecraft too. Plus it becomes a bit unpredictable the races. But it does give me a fair pace between racing and practicing. I like to think that this way os what happens in real F1, not always they will have the perfect setup or rhythm, but they go as it will. I've played f1 since I was a child and Monaco will always be nervewracking and challenging, its part o
  11. Hichel18


    I'll give another go at the default setup then, I might be a little bit biased at the start of the game, doing what I just said about trying to be quick with a car that's pretty safe. I like to do it for "academic purposes" and comparing with custom setups. Thanks for sharing the topic!
  12. Hichel18


    Me and my battered DS4 can't deal with all the tact and fine tuning in the curves hahahahaha. Biggest problem is that the game just swinged to a side where many got caught up by surprise. No one complained when you could just take a TT setup straight to a race and do fine with it but the imbalance that a car would really be would be astronomical (by formula standards) at the real world. At the same time, many don't want to use a safer setup to be consistent but not as quick because esports drivers can do et! That's why I kinda hate metagaming, it makes the game so standardized that takes
  13. Hichel18


    Dislike monaco nowadays, being a traditional track or not, the car is just to big to have any fun. I kinda enjoy when the cars were small and the track was possible to do some amazing overtakes. With that being said, I don't like playing against the AI as it is not fun for me, but last time I played on a league I had a blast. Monaco is somewhat more on the mental side of it, we tend to see it as the hardest track on the calendar but also the most 'prestigious' (not in game, but in real like). a technical track like that does require a good setup, and nice skillset but also not bein
  14. Yeah, that should be the way, instead I get a huge drop in the middle of the screen that takes forever to go away in the middle of a corner lol. Was it like that in 2020? i don't really remember, but I remember not being much intrusive on the screen except when getting sprayed by the car in front, which was awesome
  15. On rain conditions pushing the pedal do the max the TC has to reduce so much of the power that it might reduce your overall pace, hindering you. I would say to adapt your throttle a bit by not going full might help the car get the necessary grip quicker to make the most of the engine and keep your pace.
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