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    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    Sometimes it kinda reminds me of the mistakes the AI commited in a far away game about the 1998 season, which i deeply like it
  2. Hichel18

    My Team - Performance just disappeared during race?

    Which engine part was slightly worn?
  3. Hichel18

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    I would be inclined to disagree, since I use ABS and the AI does lock up its wheels, must work like that with traction control.
  4. Hichel18

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    Both races they were at 95
  5. Hichel18

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    Sometimes I see them locking up to oblivion. There are times when they lose the control of the car in the middle of the straight line, had two occasions that has happened, one in Baku and one in Monza, in the middle of main straight line 😂
  6. Hichel18

    Performance difference

    How are the teams faring on the durability department? now they're supposed to count towards performance, maybe it can be related. In regards to which one is right, it seems to me that the first one is the correct, since it shows being equal to the performance chart
  7. Hichel18

    Practice programs time/level issues

    TBF, I don't mind sometimes the program being to challenging (maybe because I tried too many times with a keyboard in f12019 and tyre program lol), I got a lot better with tinkering with the car trying to best the time or the condition of the tyre (now I'm on pad, which is a huge improvement on it), but my goodness, it is good to go all purple in the practice
  8. Hichel18

    Car damage settings question

    Basically full damage enables all kinds of damage to the car and simulation tries to make it as fragile as it is real
  9. Hichel18

    Practice programs time/level issues

    At least on 2020, my qualifying pace program is off the charts. Usually I am on spot on time, but in the qualifying proper with the same pace, my grid is waaaay better than the expected in the program
  10. Hichel18

    F2 2020. Is it available?

    Im curious, will the 2020 squad be available in the driver market?
  11. Hichel18

    Fantasy Calendar

    Would be interesting to have a editable order of grand prix since we already tasted 16-10 races in the calendar, that would pave way to making the jump between some grand prix shorter too during the championship. Fantasy circuits and the ability to become included in the calendar would also be fun, together with some real gp that could come or go between seasons...that would spice some things up, even if it's not that flexible in the real championship
  12. Hichel18

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    The only problem I faced was the sponsor bug (which was fixed in 1.05), tyre DSQ (fixed in 1.05) and the sound engine (which can be annoying, but the performance is of the new engine, so we can live by). I play on a PS4 slim. To me, was well worth the money, yes, it can be annoying facing the bugs, but the game is waaaay too good to drive for me, so I keep doing unless I'm blocked. Didn't face the facilities bug still, but I hope it's swiftly fixed
  13. I don't know if my comment here can help or not. in My team I had some VSC in races, and I think only once I had a real Safety Car. This is based on racing a full 22 races season, and there was times too where the car was dangerously parked after the incident, even the driver got disqualified but no signs of VSC or SC. @BarryBL do you think it's best to do a complete report or these can help as evidence too? I will try to record SC incidents too if needed to help
  14. Hichel18

    Start Of A New Season

    Yes, just as you advance to the end of season, you will be throw back to the first part of the myteam mode, where you can edit your team and pick the main sponsor and engine. The game puts you already in the advance option, so it can be easy to miss the mark, but it is there. Be aware that currently there is a sound bug where it doesn't change to the new engine picked in season 2. At least for me, but the performance upgrade does happen
  15. Hichel18

    Sack the Meteorologist!

    I had a situation where it was expected to rain, but the track never got damp enough to justify changing tyres...which I poorly decided to do and regret up to this day 😂
  16. Hichel18


    I have gone for medium risk so far with my teammate (which is his base salary) in second season, and so far he didn't pick any perks. Seems to be for the long term because low risk is such a tiny increase it seems
  17. Hichel18

    Sack the Meteorologist!

    Although climate said it was expected heavy rain, it's dry on current conditions on the screen. Yep, who checked the weather?! hahaha. How was Q2? had any chance of overcast or rain? what i've been seeing is that since they're close as in real life, they tend to be continuous too. At any rate, seems like it's a nice one to report, or a really fun way to not be predictable haha
  18. Hichel18

    My Team, Teammate performance not scaling to car upgrades?

    This is actually an interesting suggestion. a Performance chart in the season if the driver raced in the F1 to compare
  19. Hichel18


    1. I didn't pay attention to be honest, but seems fine on my end, will check too. 2. This one runs normal for me, simulation damage. I tend to lose more wings though lol. 3. Changing engine suppliers in second season for me meant the sound didn't change, but the performance gave a jump, had the third best engine of the field (From Honda to Renault). on the Selection screen the Honda had 90 Performance and Renault had 97, the same amount of Mercedes in my off-season. How was yours? Drag Reduction and weight might help feel the performance too 4. I didn't figure that out yet, but my 2nd driver ratings jumped from 68 to 77 between seasons, I don't know if that was by my intervention in training and team building or by their own merit. 5. My 2nd driver is yet to upgrade his perks too, maybe they need more money? I have no clue.
  20. Hichel18

    Turning cycle in slow corners

    If I understand correctly, it can be quite the contrary, but will need to work on the throttle. Being a dualshock user and using automatic most of the time, I was under the impression of perfoming better in those types of corners. TBH I did tweak a bit on the setup to try to get more rotation. Still struggle a bit on the corner exit, but sometimes it can be nailed
  21. Hichel18

    How do you turn off the new flashback prompt?

    I think you just have to use it one time when it prompts for it to go away
  22. Hichel18

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    I had Grosjean retiring, Latifi filling out his position and De Vries moving up to Williams. This on my team
  23. Hichel18

    Primary sponsor goal bonus not paid

    At least for me, since 1.05 the Distort, which i used, was fixed and received my rightful payment at the end of season! Much appreciated the support! Hope for everyone working all the same
  24. Hichel18

    Your Worst Race So Far

    Season 1, My Team, Silverstone. Race started in light rain but dry tyres were the fastest. Managed to take a sweet 6th place when big ol' pal Jeff called in for a change in strategy. Didn't know about the bug, but I knew something was wrong, but since he called I thought it was time for inters, so I radio him about the weather and he wasn't sure which tyre was best for the track. I thought that since it was getting worse, it would be inters time. When I got out of the pit, one lap later, instant regret, I was running so slow, but decided to keep going in faith of the rain getting worse. It never got. Managed a 19th place going Past Latifi and two cars retired. Learned a valued lesson about strategy this day, and promised to go better next season.