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  1. It's quite a fun track, sometimes it can be annoying, but the three times I raced there a full race weekend, I had a blast, setting up the overtakes and battling alround. I do have to concur with our friend about the vision of the track, so devoid of life with all the gray, specially in the rain (does it rain that much in Hanoi?)

  2. 58 minutes ago, marioho said:

    I found them teetering on annoyance until someone pointed it out to me that they're the epitome of the two drivers' stereotype depicted in the game, the showmanship and sportsmanship. But I'd still rather not have F1 drivers excluded from the roster to give those two a seat, so let's say I'm quite happy with them gone.

    Weber was a champ though.

    I share this thought, though to be fair, would be an interesting touch to have them as teammates on myteam to hire...or best leave then to another racing category 🤣

  3. On 7/28/2020 at 11:41 AM, BluRacer7 said:

    70 is my number since Raikkonen is still in F1 with my favourite number 7 as well as Bottas who has 77 so I went with the 3rd option, in 2019 I picked 75 since the fictional driver Devon Butler took my number. Glad 70 is back in 2020 for me to pick up.


    how about a quick storytime from this screenshot? :classic_biggrin:

  4. As a means for money sink...yeah, investment in R&D should cost money too...well, you can't improve those engines without that cash. I would also find interesting if as your team acclaim goes up, and your team supposedly gets better, the maintenance of the departments should be higher, like you're a more famous team, going up the ranks and attracting more experienced personnel, it should run at a higher maintenance, meaning that you really need to dedicate yourself with a better sponsor, sometimes sacrificing some weekly income, because you need to fight for a better bonus payment in the long run, or the other way around.

    Also, that would mean trying to negotiate with the sponsors? that would be neat too, together with randomized bonus goals.

    With that, I think it could be even interesting to work with how acclaims work in general. This mode has so much potential, and tbf, I think it's a nice start to this

  5. 4 hours ago, marioho said:

    I can only think of one scenario where oneself's dirty air affecting one's driving and if that's the case you should check your briefs. I heard it disrupts your footwork on the pedals and may cause some leaks on the cockpit.

    Just kidding.


    Not the best way to induce weight reduction

  6. 30 minutes ago, marioho said:

    Stat boosts from activities are temporary. The game could certainly use some clarification on that, but that's by design. Your driver will develop with time though, specially when you upgrade your facilities.

    Facilities seem to provide to types of stat increase. A semi-permanent one, signaled by that green highlight over it, and real development that is augmented by your Simulator level.

    This image made the rounds on Reddit a week or so ago:


    Just to see if I understood. The upgrades in the personnel area does increase the potential development of the driver?

  7. 5 minutes ago, johnboy83 said:

    A Geoff Crammond title by any chance?

    Oh, no, though it is the better game in the end, but the one speak of I think it was called Official Formula One Racing. Sometimes the AI would make mistake on track, it would even show to us during race