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  1. Before F1 2020, your laps in in Practice sessions would give small amounts of R&D Points (I think 10 per Lap up to 10 laps?), So I would put my programmes spread in all the sessions so I could squeeze some more points, I carried this to f1 2020 even though it's not required anymore
  2. Hichel18

    Ditch Hanoi bring back hockenheimring

    It is very well depicted in the game then 😂, I had many sessions in the rain
  3. Hichel18

    Ditch Hanoi bring back hockenheimring

    It's quite a fun track, sometimes it can be annoying, but the three times I raced there a full race weekend, I had a blast, setting up the overtakes and battling alround. I do have to concur with our friend about the vision of the track, so devoid of life with all the gray, specially in the rain (does it rain that much in Hanoi?)
  4. Hichel18

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    You mean at creation? Its randomized the pool which you can select
  5. Hichel18

    Classic F1 Season 2000

    I would drive that 2000 Minardi...what a lovely idea for myteam
  6. Hichel18

    Power Unit issue

    It is a known issue, the developers are aware and we might be presented with a fix soon! My Renault-powered car has this astoundingly similar sound with honda as well 😂
  7. Hichel18

    How do you qualify?

    I do full qualifying, with out and inlaps done too! usually I FFW the rest of the qualifying, but in MyTeam usually I observer my teammate and some rivals for a time
  8. Hichel18

    Jeff might need his hearing checked

    Jeff is such a troll, he could'va ask if you're sure of going on those tyres at this hot temperature, but no, lets just change into those tyres and let them soft themselves 🤣
  9. Hichel18

    No Bottas in the driver market

    How fitting eh Vettel 😂
  10. Hichel18

    Weber and Butler

    +5 Pace
  11. Hichel18

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    If we could see acclaim in numbers and how it's broken down it would be the best. As for how it seems to work is related to your performance in relation to the car performance and expected position, maybe rivalries can play a part too
  12. Hichel18

    Weber and Butler

    I share this thought, though to be fair, would be an interesting touch to have them as teammates on myteam to hire...or best leave then to another racing category 🤣
  13. Yeah, that's why I still think it's valid. Something along the lines of showing in regards of the manufacturer upgrades what will happen, and the true percentage of your protected upgrades, to be more clear for the user
  14. Greetings! As I understand, the manufacturer upgrades does count towards the regulation changes, so that would be lost (or maybe not) at the next season since it's not up to the player. it is good call about the report though Edit: Beaten like the ferraris
  15. Hichel18

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    Any money given above the contract to the driver contributes to help increase the driver perks. At least as far as I understand
  16. Hichel18

    Driver Number.

    how about a quick storytime from this screenshot?
  17. Hichel18

    My team r&d

    As a means for money sink...yeah, investment in R&D should cost money too...well, you can't improve those engines without that cash. I would also find interesting if as your team acclaim goes up, and your team supposedly gets better, the maintenance of the departments should be higher, like you're a more famous team, going up the ranks and attracting more experienced personnel, it should run at a higher maintenance, meaning that you really need to dedicate yourself with a better sponsor, sometimes sacrificing some weekly income, because you need to fight for a better bonus payment in the long run, or the other way around. Also, that would mean trying to negotiate with the sponsors? that would be neat too, together with randomized bonus goals. With that, I think it could be even interesting to work with how acclaims work in general. This mode has so much potential, and tbf, I think it's a nice start to this
  18. Hichel18

    Anyone use a PS4 controller with no traction control?

    I'm on the transition as well, the tips are very much appreciated! going slight a bit offtopic, you guys go on Manual gears too? To be perfectly honest, I'm having issues going through so much gears 😂
  19. I can confirm it does show to me too
  20. Hichel18

    Car behavior in curves

    Not the best way to induce weight reduction
  21. Hichel18

    Driver Number.

    Since there is an unfortunate who picks my number 18 (always used as a competitive number) I took the 29, day I got Married
  22. Hichel18

    Myteam 2nd driver development

    Just to see if I understood. The upgrades in the personnel area does increase the potential development of the driver?
  23. Hichel18

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    Maybe it's visualization also. Something happening so far from us and we don't even notice, like the lock ups and fast spins. Would be interesting to have race highlights not just from us but from the overall race too
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    Atlantic Racing now 😄
  25. Hichel18

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    Oh, no, though it is the better game in the end, but the one speak of I think it was called Official Formula One Racing. Sometimes the AI would make mistake on track, it would even show to us during race