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  1. Fastest all sessions has worked this morning but clean races and team mate contract renewal hasn’t updated. The game is just too hit and miss with things like this.
  2. Its all of the My Team challenges seen in the screen shots. I can’t video whole races to show challenges completed and i just gave my teammate a contract so its about 10 races till the next one. I’ll screen shot session time sheets next race weekend to prove the Full House-My Team-[Expert AI] challenge was completed.
  3. 1. Detailed description I’m completing VIP and Series challenges and they’re not updating. 2. Platform Xbox 3. Version 1.10.1 4. Game Mode My Team 5. Repetition Numbers 2 to 3 times but its wasting too much of my time to continue repeating i want the XP i deserve 6. Troubleshooting Re-set game and console several times, and checked internet connection. 7. Peripherals Thrustmaster G920 wheel 8. Screenshots U
  4. 1. Deluxe Schumacher Edition 2. Digital 3. Mid June 4. No