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  1. yeh i just found it, hope it fixes it because i cant race online at all and it then effects solo play where i need to restart the game, makes it very frustrating
  2. are you going to fix the communcating screen blocking everything or what? need to know because its making this game unplayable

    1. ReimvomSchleim


      Yes, they will. There is a currently a fix in test, planned for the next patch. You can find this information in the Gameplay Technical Assistance forum, there is a Master Thread on that.🙂

    2. ReimvomSchleim


      Excuse me, it isn't Gameplay / Bugs TA, it's in the Systems / Connectivity TA forum where you can find the Master thread.

  3. still no fix this is beyond stupid why not patch it so the whole screen does not get blocked what purpose does that serve just have it pop up in the corner......
  4. still not fixed, cant even race online... why would you blank the whole screen with that stupid message when you can clearly still drive the car?? then get warnings for corner cuts or collisions because you cant see... if this issue isnt resolved soon how do we get a refund due to the unplayable nature of the game?
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