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  1. I’ve tried Racing with controller now. There is no issue when Racing with controller. But when switzsching to whell again, the issue returns. Uforunatly. Narrowing a bit down, I can see that the breake issue (looks back) switches when the breake pedal is applyed more than 50%. Less than 50% breake it works normal. Same with turning wheel. When turning the wheel more than 90 degrees the issue appears (looks left/right). Under 90 degrees turn works fine. Futhermore I have discovered that if I ise my Old Xbox profile, there is NO issues. Changing to my New profile, and the issues are back. So it might acutually be a profile issue?
  2. I too have that problem. It is completly unplayable. Hope you Can fix this issue QUICKLY. Can’t race my League or practice anything. I have a Thrustmaster TM with F1 wheel add-on. Playing on Xbox.